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Children Scholarships UpdateChildren Scholarships Update

Children Scholarships Update

What I am going to tell you about the education scholarships for children, many parents are worried, have they been here? Someone is saying that it has been nine months Children’s payments have not been received and someone is saying that it has been six months and someone is saying that it has been three months. Because in March, our children used to study in Previous class, now they have moved to the next class, so do we have to go to Benazir’s office to file a case of failure from the school now, do we have to update the class or not? So I am also going to tell you that I am the one who is watching, listening and loving. Assalam Alaikum, I am shocked. You are watching. People know that whenever there is a new update about the Benazir Income Support Program. and if you guys are not victims of any fake news.

Educational Scholarship Of Children 

First of all, many of you guys are complaining.I also think that it’s a long day. Please, but you know it was Ramadan, so there were two or three factors in it, one was the environmental factor in Islamabad, it was very cold here and the winter is still not going away. Yes, it was quite bad and then the other factor after that was the work bulletin. Keep working on the wicket so that whatever problems you have can be reduced to a minimum and the third factor was Ramadan. Anyway, the prayers of you people worked and now I am completely fine by the command of Allah, thanks to Allah, so God willing, you will continue to get updates on a daily basis, so what I am going to tell you is about the educational scholarships for children. I am going to tell you about what many people are worried about. They are saying that someone is saying that it has been nine months, someone is saying that it has been six months, someone is saying that it has been three months. So the children are getting it, but they are not getting it and I am also telling them what to do. This is a slip. It is also being shown here about our educational scholarships. If you are not getting it or you are not getting it from school, what should you do? You can also ask me on WhatsApp and what you can do is take a print out and fill it up from school to school after filling it. What should you do? Attach the form and come to our nearby Hafiz of Benazir. What should you do with your children? Re-enroll now. 

Talemi wazaif update 

When they go to the office of Phil Karwa, the office people say that your children are already in bed. You people want to update nonsense, then I told you guys that after you update nonsense from Nadira, then Benazir’s problems are there and if you update her there too, when you people go to her problems. They used to say no, no, they just wanted to update from Nadra, now it will happen here, it will happen automatically, so even then I told you guys, I said it doesn’t happen automatically, tell them the regular way. Sir, what should we do here, we have to update our children, then go and you will be linked with your children and your payment will be received. The rupees were erased and those who did not do it said yes, it will be done automatically, so it is not theirs yet, so the same SIM case is still there, now the SIM case is left when they take the slip. They check, they say that your children are already updated, what do you have to say to them?

Children Stipends Update 

Now, if our children update again, what will happen when those children update again, then what happens in the target generation of attendance, your child’s name will be mentioned again in this way, it is your child who has been dropped. Yes, he was not there when he went to school or whatever the factor was, what happened to that child, that child has been dropped by you. Our attendance collection will not be included in the target, if the child is uprooted again, then what will happen in the next quadrature which will be ours? The stipend will be restored. Many people do the same. They ask me how all our children were dropped, so I tell them the same thing. I am, well, I mean I am, but in this case I am not at all.There is no involvement, now neither am Iy the one who drops the children, nor the one who drops the children from you, now it depends on the school staff. If it doesn’t happen, then he drops it, so he doesn’t do it with your children if he is studying in Sam school

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