BISP Sim CNIC holder gets 17000 Payment 2024

BISP Sim CNIC holder gets 17000 Payment

I am going to tell you that those who received the Ehsaas Emergency Cash amount ever when the program first started, here you are. You can also see that the mother-in-law belongs to the emergency program and is eligible and an SMS will be given to you to get the money. Let me also tell the people why the money of those who are already eligible is being stopped and why the verified and ineligible people are being eligible in their place. I will also tell you guys why those who have SIM ID cards are getting double the amount they have but before that I will make a small request if you are new to my channel and this kind of benefit. 

Who are Eligible 

Let’s say that you can see here now who used to get this message that the information about your eligibility is being checked and it used to take many years that they were not eligible for this program. They used to be disqualified because they were not getting money, so now all such people have been qualified and their money has been credited to their account and they can check their money. 

Methods For Surgery 

You have three to four methods first method is call above helpline number but if you have done the survey then it is ok after going for verification then this is their money if you have not done the survey and you It is said that we are under verification then it is not so after doing the survey it is ok to check the helpline number is 082647 you can know your eligibility by calling up on it or you can google it. Write 8171 there and you can know your eligibility there or go to the device owners, you will put your thumb there and you will show your ID card and you will be informed about your eligibility. So after about 98 to 99 percent of people who were under scrutiny or ineligible, then all of them have been made eligible and then why are the people who are already getting money stopped? As you can see here, those who have been registered in the dynamic registry are not eligible. 

Re Survey 

On top of saying the correct survey has been re-surveyed and those who have been after that have been qualified and those who have not re-surveyed and are already taking money have been stopped and many who are now Those who are getting the money will also be stopped soon. To avoid all this, it is necessary that you people should do your survey correctly again. What should be done that you do not use any more balance up in your account and after that your electricity and gas bills for this month should be reduced and after that you did not perform Hajj Umrah etc. Even if you don’t have a government job, then you will be eligible for it, and after that, famous people, transgender people can also register themselves in this program immediately. If you can be eligible, this is also a great news for you people and many people have received messages from eligible people who were already ineligible in this program and those who were not getting money have received messages from them.

How To Get Money By Sim ID Card

They have taken their money and they have taken it in the same way that the first people are taking it and the one after that who has the SIM ID card and the one above that because the first ID card New identity cards are being issued to you in place of those that are expiring. The advantage of these is that you are immediately qualified and the data on it is immediately transferred to you. But if you find out, that’s why SIM ID cards are very beneficial for you, as many people who have expired ID cards will get the same SIM ID card whenever they renew. will go and then they will be able to fully take advantage of what they have, they will be eligible in every program and in the same way this money will be given to you by many people. Those who were not taking money earlier means they have been enabled and after that Jo Hai Up has also told people who are already taking money if they don’t see updates on daily basis they don’t watch videos. They also don’t know anything that disqualifies them because the new government policies are communicated to them on a daily basis if they don’t watch the videos they miss or don’t complete. If you write, then you don’t get that money and all the Ehsaas Emergency Program members who had received Mukhta Ata earlier will be asked again.

Qualified By PMT Score 

They are also being qualified and are being considered as the real beneficiaries which means those who should get the money because they were surveyed earlier and their PMT score was less than 30 and this After that the policy was that after five years they were disqualified, now they are disqualified again because the old people don’t know about the policies, they don’t even conduct surveys and they don’t listen to anything. They say that maybe if we conduct a survey, our money will be stopped. Even if you don’t conduct a survey, your money will be stopped. They have all the data. That you become eligible for the next five years if you do the survey, if you don’t do the survey, then you are not eligible for the next five years or for three years because it is three to five years.

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