BISP Rostar dynamic Survey Update 2024 | Bahumat Program Update 

BISP Rostar 

I am going to give you two big news, one is women. I have brought very good news for all the women who used to take money from the Bahamat Senior Program and those women have already joined it. Can and what are the things they will have to do, due to which they will join this program. Okay, and the other brother is also going to give great news to women with Buzuk.

Women Eligible In Bahumat Program 

First of all, all the women who are included in the Brave Senior Program, if one, check their status. If you want to know whether they are included in this program or not, I will give a link below to the app. You can also check your status by going to this app. Can you get money from this program or not? Full details are shown in this app. Well, if a brother doesn’t want to check, he can contact in the comment below and the WhatsApp group is also in the link below. I will give it to you, join it and you can ask me for any information you need regarding Bahamut Senior Program. I was involved, go now and collect your payment from the BOP retailer in your area. All the women who received the payment of the Bahamut Buzuk program have been paid. The new tranche of Rs.1000 has been started and all the women who were involved in this program can go and get their money from the BOP retailers from whom you have previously received ATM cards of some women etc. are made and can also be obtained from the bank, but if you do not know how to obtain from the bank, then the BOP retailer in your area is the mobile number that you have registered there. Yes, it is OK, on which you are sent an SMS, VOP’s Bahamut Buzok program is OK, you have to take that mobile number with you, after that you will not get this money except biometric. You have to go and do it. After that, your payment will be shown. There are three or three women who have completed their previous installments. All those women who have paid a good amount of Rs. 1,000 can go to any nearby BOP retailer and collect their payment. And for those women who want to join this program, I also tell them how to join the program. 

BISP Latest Update 

The latest updates for BISP involve an increase in program budget and beneficiary payments. The Benazir Kafalat program is expected to launch its third phase soon, distributing new installments of around 13,000 PKR every three months. This increase comes from a 27% budget boost allocated for BISP in the 2024-25 federal budget. These enhanced installments are expected to be distributed around Eid-ul-Adha

Bahamas Marzooq Program Update 

First of all, you have to go to your nearest social welfare office. If you are above 65 years old, then your age on your ID card is 65 years, then you have to visit your social welfare office of your tehsil or district. In this, you have to go and tell them that I want to write my name in Bahamas Marzooq program.OK, they will send your documents and after a few days you will receive the message or you can do it in such a way that you can also call their helpline number and they can know what your stress is. You have to call on Two to One, after calling you have to ask about your status, I have to ask you for my age and write that ID card and give it to them and tell them that I have been in Italy in Bazum program. What is my entry so far, whether it has been started or not, they will tell you the complete details one-to-one. Apart from that, you can go to social welfare and write your name and the women who have been included. He has gone to pay his payment and the main problem is that there were messages from a lot of women saying that we have to re-register in the Dynamic Register. We check your ID card on 8171 bot, then we are told that your payment is for you, but you are told on 8171 total that you are not eligible for Ehsaas Kafalat program. 

How Can You re-enroll

How can you re-enroll, will you get the payment after two years or can you still join the program or not, I want to tell you the procedure. It’s a simple procedure as many women who have achieved what they have in Diarrhemic have their support PMT increased because of this program they have a new solution to what they have. You can also check your PM score by logging out of the interface. Yes, it is a very kind way. Roster update has to be done. Go to the office from which you have done the survey and request that we are eligible. Well, I had so many children. My PMT support also was less but you have done a wrong survey based on which we have been mailed from this program. They have also done biometrics, after which they have also been sterilized. Out of about 100 women, 80 women have been recruited from the program and 20 women have been included. After checking the card, it is fine, now which women are the 20 who joined it and which are the 80 percent women who were not enrolled in this program. Well, she joined the program who has less than two children and registered herself in the dynamic registry. Who has turned 41? Why did it happen? 

How to reduce PMT Score 

Because one of them was fewer people and the other was the condition of their house, their PMT support is much more. etc. have been told that you have told motorcycle that you must have said our house is cooked, our house has talk etc. latrine etc. If so, they ask you some questions for which you gave wrong answers, that’s right, because of which they have increased your purity score. If anyone in your house is sick, if someone has a problem, then you must tell them, because because of this, you get more of the five supports, which reduces your PMT support. Maybe all the women who are re-registering should do it in the same way and those women who are already interested in this program should go and update their registration from the office again and inshallah they can join this program again. After that, there is no problem for those who are new women, they can go and get their registration done, and those who want to get this update, God willing, they will also become N again in this program and whose PMT support they have increased. This is bad news for them and all the widows who do not have children, I would say to them that you should not do your dynamic survey again. If the payment continues, you will continue to receive it. The 90% charge you have is for new ones, so all the widows or childless bazog women can go and cancel their dynamic registry registration, if you continue to receive money. So we will continue to meet, even if you are closed, there is no problem for you, because when you have done your survey, you will be 100 percent new, so I want to continue this date. It is possible that they can extend it beyond the last date of June 30. Come on, you will get the next episode, right?

What is the government that wants to run the way the program is running, let it run like this, wait, you who are women, don’t register your dynamic register. The women I have told, that’s enough for me, another brother. If you have any comments etc., he can comment below.You will get Ehsaas Kafalat Program and Benazir Income Support Program. If any brother wants any information

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