Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
BISP Registration Check by CNIC Online

BISP Registration Check by CNIC Online :

It has been announced that the waves of those who were targeted for Zero Bell have already started. This time all my worries are going to go away. This time, apart from Cafe Side and Centers, who did you get from the shopkeepers? 

In addition to the people who have agreed, the testers or those who have done the new survey or not will give you information about all of them, The most important update is that people who There is no problem for those who were receiving the payments here before, so they are happy and they are receiving their payments, but the biggest problem, the biggest question is anger for those who 10 thousand 500 paise has not been received yet, or Khan and others have also received the paisley portion for their journey and due to the travel balance in the portal, those poor people are going to collect their payments.

Payment in July:

People check on the web portal of 81 there. When they go to the centers and check on the devices, their balance is showing zero. When will the payment be released to all such people, you have to listen to the video carefully so that you can understand things well, except for child benefits. 

We were receiving a lot of questions regarding the children who are already getting scholarships here, or the children who have just registered, have they received the money of 10,500? Will come or after Let us tell you about this the current stipend with 1021 is not available for children, and those whose previous stipend was withheld did not receive the stipend of 10500. 

With whom will their previous stipend be given? There are also a large number of people who have just completed the new survey, but two things are happening to them here, one is the problem of checking their health and whether they are on life support.

Eligibility and survey:-

Will the payments be made or not? The regular beneficiaries of income support are already receiving their payments, but they have also got a new head, so will such people also get these payments again, for example, 10500 Therefore, they are also eligible or have become ineligible, so let’s clear one thing to all such people who are regular beneficiaries of vision income support, they are already receiving payment from here who have done the survey or not.

 If so, pay them for now, those people who have done the survey or have not done the regular valuations, then they will get the payment of 10,000 words this time, but if still If they still don’t do the survey, then this may be the last episode for them, if they do the survey again, then their eligibility will be determined once again. 

We have tracked his wife who has done a new survey and Al Reddy is still taking it here, so almost no such card has passed through us, whose money has been stopped, almost all of them have been re-eligible here.

PMP score:-

Yes, you guys should get your new survey done before June 30, otherwise, it may be that this is the last payment up, but yes, if your PMP score has increased, there are women who or So it become disqualified or something else is put under scrutiny and all such persons who are already under scrutiny The payments of 20% of all the people who are inside have already arrived, their payments will be received as soon as the month of Jhum begins, some will receive their payments then and the rest will receive their payments in July.

In the same way, the women who are in the first stage are also receiving their payment here, they are also receiving installments or taking payment from the center, but the most important thing here is for you. Let us tell you that we people are not getting payments from the shopkeepers, you people will have to go to the centers to receive your payments. 

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