Good News BISP registration check by CNIC 786

BISP registration check by CNIC

The reason for ineligibility is that what are the names of women and accounts are made of them in the same way. Any such women are close family, so I am going to provide you with evidence and show you and explain to Africa how you can check it before you do the survey. If you go to do such a survey, you can do it without it, because we will become ill and still they will keep asking us that yes, we are poor and we need benign ones.

They do it and then tell us in this manner that the women to whom we are giving money are our relatives or we are friends with them and we have enmity with those who are not getting it. they calm down by thinking that they don’t know if these people are poor, then what is their nan, so often I tell them that if you people give a new one because of your professions, then that right remains.


First of all, I am going to teach you how to You can check your name whenever you go to get the survey done. Before that, you people have to do this work. After that, I am also going to tell you how you can get this sum up done and then after that.

Then how can you qualify when it comes to doing the survey so first of all how can some people check how old is your name you have two ways to check this the first method is that what you guys should do about it is Double Q, pay your CNIC card number, then even they tell you all the SIMs that you guys have.

Check through Google:

Now you have to go to Google. You have to go and write the SIM information and after writing the SIM information, you have to click on the link that is on the top, when you click on it, the portal that is visible to you should open. When it opens, it is written in it that you do not write your ID card number, what you have to do, and it is written by men, women have to write their ID card, and whoever is a woman in your house, if there is a man.

If you are checking, then write the identity card number of the woman of the house here and check on it after that it is written below where it is written that yes GIM does not report on what you have to do here too.

You have to click on the box that is showing empty, you will click on it, then it will go forward, but it will not be displayed, after that, what you have to do is to click on submit, when you click on submit, after that Then, whatever number of your name will be shown here, as many UK shows as Azan will be of Jez, as many shows as your name will be shown here. 

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