Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
BISP Rashan Program UpdateBISP Rashan Program Update

BISP Rashan Program Update

A new policy has been announced regarding the distribution of Basam Ration. According to the new policy, Ration Up will be provided on top of your ID card if you belong to the poor class, labor class and you have a Bush Nafte card. So you can get your ration if you don’t have ID card then you won’t get ration friends if you want to check this sitting at home complete procedure to check whether I will get ration or not In this video you will be told first of all 200 things have been released by the government which I want to tell you in this video here you can see on top of your screen here you You can see the message written on Nahgaban Ramadan package, right to your doorstep. Service of the deserving astonishment from 30 billion rupees to your doorstep with dignity and respect. 

Rashan Program Important Update

Ration bag you are seeing here ok after this very important detail is written below for which I have shown you this ad here look up your screen above in the official database of Punjab. Eligible for Civil Guard Ration For transparency the beneficiaries will be provided with Case NIC and scan the QR code printed on the ration bag. Guard ration will be provided. If the car is lost, get a new ID card immediately. Friends, here I am telling you how the Punjab government is distributing the ration. What is the procedure for distributing the ration? On behalf of all the people who are distributing ration, such an application has been made and given. Well, you can see it on the top of your screen. His identity card number is written on the number. OK, according to the data that the government has, this application tells that this person is eligible for ration. If the person is eligible for ration, then this person One such ration is washed and on top of the ration bag the QRS code is visible written up and the OR code is scanned by the application. OK, then the ration is handed over to the poor person whose ID card is checked with the application. OK, so this is the procedure of providing ration by the government. Let me tell you one more thing. The people who are being given ration by the Punjab government, first of all, those who are registered families in the Benazir Income Sports Program, have already started getting the ration. Now, friends, the government’s procedure for giving ration is a little different.

Who Registered In BISP Program 

First of all, friends, all those people who have records in the Benazir Income Sports Program are called by the government representatives for their address verification. If you have been called for ration by the Punjab government, then you should understand that your address verification is going to be done within the next two to three days, when your address verification is done, after that the government representative will come to your home within 24 hours to deliver the ration. Ok, keep these things in your mind. One or two things I have told you about the Benazir Income Sports Program if you have a record. You are registered in Benazir Income Sports Program, then you will get ration within next three to four days, you will also get a call from the government, your address will also be verified. You have been told that the ration will be given to you on your ID card. If you belong to the poor class or the labor class, then the government teams will come to your area to distribute the ration. Keep your identity card with you whenever the ration distribution teams come to your area, they will ask you for your identity card. Whether you want to get ration or not, it is fine if the government has your data, you belong to the poor class.

Last Words

If you belong to the mustahab class, then you will be provided with ration, the procedure in which I told you that friends have been asking me repeatedly that the government has launched an application through which we can check whether we will get ration or not. Also the application is not available at the moment just keep this in mind sorry about the closed Ramadan package the application has been launched this application can be used only by those people who have been charged duty regarding the distribution of rations ok So all those people who are distributing ration are also using this application besides you can’t check sitting at home whether I will get ration or not on any such.

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