Good News BISP program registration 2024

BISP program registration :

We are going to talk about the latest update of the BISP program when you people open the portal of the Benazir Income program and here more money is showing and you are here. But it is being told that you have 168, 18,000, 25,000, but you have not received the full amount, so what is the reason, I will tell you the full details and which people Now the money has been received in the account from 8171 and you can also see its regular account, etc. Someone has received 23.500 here, then someone has received 25. If it has been, you can also see its fruit up. We have checked here for many people, and we have seen that both are quite big, whatever it is, it has been here, so we cannot share the full return here. I can tell you that maybe your payment is too high and if you have yet to attend, then you will be told the procedure according to which you can go and take your payment.


You must check before taking it. Now the questions arise here. Many families have this question. We have received 10 thousand 500 so far, but the more money they have given us, I have given you the right paper. And in the program which was announced by Naveed Akbar BISP, he said that we want this money to reach the people who are entitled to it. The house is built, he is quite rich, you are getting money, so you used to have questions like this, there were complaints, so the government has placed it all over the place and has again said that you people should do your survey now when the survey will be done. 

Dynamic registry:

If there is a dynamic registry, those who are eligible through 8171 will be automatically eligible and those who are eligible and do not meet the criteria programmed by BISP will automatically exit from here. Because the government has kept the poverty score based on this calculation, the government is working in a much better way and the way Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz started the program and how we talk about the Nighaban program. The Nihgaban program was started by the government, motorcycles, the government also started giving solar plates here. The government has to install the solar panel system here in their group and Makkah, they will run the lights in the same way as you, they will run the electricity, but everything you apply for this solar will be done. If you get it, many families who are in the BISP program are also told here that their poverty score is too low and they are among the poor. So those families who have solar plates and solar panels which the government has to give along with the inverter for the battery can participate in it. 

Poverty score:

This scheme has also been started by the government for the BISP program for people so that poverty. The score should be kept low. The poverty score is very high. Many families are close here. The government has helped a lot of families here and the government is continuing to help more, so those who are willing to take payment from the support program, I will tell them here. Now let’s see how you guys got up from the Benazir Income Support Program, seven can take money from one because the DG who is new, Naveed Akbar Sahib of the PSP program is very good and he has done a lot in Panzer Income Support Program. have reformed and at the same time they have maintained merit and compassion.

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