BISP program CNIC apply 2024 | How to Apply For BISP 

BISP program CNIC apply 

All those poor women who did not get free rations from the Nihban program ft or were expelled from the Benazir program. There is great news for all the ladies from the government because the government has announced a big decision to make a card from the government for those who have received at once from the Nigehbaan program. will be given that every month you will be given a bag of 20 kg by the government and along with you will be given ration from the guardian program by the government and also you will be given the Benazir program by the government. A very important decision has been made to distribute the aid, but how will you apply in this program?So that you can get some benefit, so from today onwards, inshallah, I will give you real updates on the same channel. We will give you the big update related to the Benazir program, that is the card of the Nigehbaan program and the cancellation of the Benazir program.

Important Update About New Program 

Let’s talk with you in detail about what is the special update of the watcher program, then let’s start the Super Leagues. I will tell you how you can get your name in the Caregiver program card and the other Benazir support program. It is a simple process. Here you have to add as if you are going to add your National Shaker number, after that you will see the capture below. You have to write the things that you have written here. After you find out, you will type in the same way as we find out, then whatever amount of assistance you have in front of you, whether it is 2,500 or 30 thousand, it will be in front of you. You can see that it is written here that you are eligible for the sponsorship program. 

What to do if we don’t receive payment 

If you did not receive 13,000 rupees in Naha Laiya, you can take it from any of your neighborhood centers. Because the aid they have from the government, which is the aid of Benazir, is Rs. 10,500, but the amount of educational scholarships in it is also added to it if they have to receive it from any center. I can go and receive my aid but our main concern is that the families of those who were nailed should do what they have to do. You have been given this website. Ok now I have to click here. If you are from one of these areas then what you have to do here is to open the supporter there with your national identity card. The number has to be added. As soon as the commissioner completes the up-ad, you will be immediately informed about the date of your registration. 

Re Survey For Eligibility 

You will be surveyed again by the government. You will see the likes, I have just added my commission up to the number again. After adding it, I will click on confirm, then see here, whatever information is required, it will appear in front of you on the portal in the same way. It’s a simple task. You can re-apply easily from these areas through the easy procedure because I’m not in the list of lakhs. That’s why my ID card is not getting checked. After the second major update, many people were worried about the update, so I have come here with the pictures of this update. The poor families will be given a card of the Nahgaban program by the government. Here you can see the official update from the government which was announced yesterday at 3:41 PM, but I was a little late in making the video. Done, you can see it here, I will zoom in and show it to you so that you can understand this thing well. Okay, look here. Why is the Punjab government’s Nigheban card program? Nigehbaan card program is being given. Prime Minister Maryam Nawaz announced the decision to give 12 thousand rupees to each family. It is true that the government has announced this great news.

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