BISP Poverty Scores Update 2024

BISP Poverty Scores Update

Finally what he was afraid of has happened to the income support program people. It is different from this and the government has now demanded a return from the difference. The people who were taking payments within the BISP program and who they were, the government had run a scheme and that scheme. It was that the BSP program, i.e., only one project of the income support program was announced, unlike the sponsorship program and its poverty score was kept at 32 and the government said that those whose poverty score will be less than 32, we will will be resolved here and those whose poverty score will be more than 32 we will not apply them here and also the government has set some conditions further up-tax is included in the revenge if they are paying monthly or annual tax and regular If you pay up tax, you cannot be a part of BISB program. 

Who Become Part Of BISP

Those who are residing in the country, Pakistanis overseas, cannot be a part of this program, so now the government has issued an alert here that such families who are very poor and living in poverty should be given better facilities and their rights. It is to be given to them and if no one else knows this right, the government has made it very strict in this regard. The government has brought out a big update which I am going to share with you people. Take note and we will also tell you the solution that you can survive but here you have to return the payment of the Benazir Income Support Program. Listen to the people who have to return. The government said that those who are government employees. are pensioners their children are government employees and live with you and are not married they are dependent on you your sister is your brother and you live together and you are unmarried a joint family is not Doubt these people will have to return the money here if they have taken money from Benazir Income Support Program because now the government has started preparing the lists and the list is being prepared of all the people.

BISP Poverty Scores Update
BISP Poverty Scores Update

How To Decrease PMT Score

They were benefiting from this, so now those who have taken permits despite being a government employee for two or three years, while you have given an affidavit and submitted it there, will take dynamic notice and have said that we are poor. You are living without any official job, so people who have done such work are being expelled here and they are being demanded to return that which is your precious income. The support program payment will be withdrawn through the bank account if you are a pensioner then one will be debited from it if you are a government employee then your money will be deducted from there. is going on and the more details that will come will also be shared with you people, but the details that have been revealed so far that we have shared information with you people are that the lists are being prepared and which People were taking double money in the income support program, meaning that on one hand you were taking government money and on the other hand you were taking BSP money, so a blood alert has been issued here for such families and they are here It has been said that you are prepared here, 


You are being prepared from the list, you will be removed from the program and you can also demand a refund of the payment. Worried about how the government can take back the payment, we don’t have it, how will you give it? See, if you are a government employee, you can’t run away. Your payment can be deducted from your electricity. There are bills, this money can be collected from you by putting money in it. The government will do anything, it can take this money from you people, so this update was brought out which I shared with you people.

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