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BISP Phase 3 payment UpdateBISP Phase 3 payment Update

BISP Phase 3 payment Update

Well, your money is going to be stopped completely, if it is really going to be stopped, those people whose money will be stopped after nine days also tell you who is going to start the new 10500 rupees again. When will the third milla start and those people who will not get their last payment of 10,500 rupees after that also tell you whether the examined people will also get a new payment of 10,500 rupees. We will give you the complete details, but let us tell you that a large number of people want to receive the new payment of 10500 rupees. Most of these people have been disqualified, but now the most important question is how long the payments will be made. 

3rd Phase Latest Update 

The 3rd Phase is going to start regularly. There is a delay in payment and the delay is only due to holidays because the Eid holidays were given less due to the attack of Benazir Income Support Plant and It has been a day more than what was told to Ateliers in the camp side. They cannot visit and they find it difficult to get payment there, so their question is, when the rush is lost, then we will go, so let us tell you while the holidays are going on in schools and colleges. So till that day the payments will be made from the camp side, while after that this payment will be shifted and this payment will be received from the retailers of Benazir Income Support Fund and from the shopkeepers, while nine days later. Who are the people who are going to be blocked on your payment, whose money will be blocked this time and they will also be disqualified, and this important thing,

BISP Phase 3 payment Update
BISP Phase 3 payment Update

Who are Disqualified 

Let us tell you now who these people are. Yes, it will be the last time for them and they will be able to take it, after that they will not be able to take their payment. If they do, it can be a final fate for them too. After nine days, their money will be stopped. Let me tell you, not all people’s money will be stopped, and the government never stops the discussions of all people. However, the government has This instruction has been issued to some families of Nazir Income Support Fund. If you want to keep yourself eligible, then you must do this important work, then your money will not be stopped. It has been told on the portal that if you want to re-enroll in Benazir Income Support Ram or get a survey done, they should also go to the office of Benazir Income Support Ram to get their identity card, electricity bill or gas bill. If you have children, take their Bay Form with you and if you want to take children with you, you will be registered at the office of Benazir Income Septran, there you will be surveyed. It is asked that if you want to be eligible and want your money not to be bad and your money to continue, then you should do it before June 30 and get your surf done so that your money is not stopped. 

Who Complete Their Survey 

If you have completed the survey then you will have to wait till the month of burning. Some people are still eligible to check their status on the portal in their month if you are eligible. So you also receive your Qast one thousand five hundred rupees. If you do not do the survey, then this case will be the last for you and you will be able to receive it for the last time. After that, you will not get the money. This is only for those who take regular money, women, so this message is for them, while if you want to do a new survey from the end, you can go and do it at any time, there is no limit for them. If they leave after June 30, there will be no problem for you

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