Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP Payment schedule ChangeBISP Payment schedule Change

BISP Payment schedule Change

The registration procedure for this program and the program , I am going to give a complete update on when the case will be started. On the other hand, the government has started a case under 105. Yes, I am going to inform you with a complete update about them. Viewers will inform you about the biggest breaking, from today, Monday, which was supposed to start from today. Instead, the biggest news you will get is on the 17th, I have received the news earlier because I told you that it is going to start on the 13th from today. I also told you that the sound has been made but during which time the recording has given me one more news about whose history has changed. How about all the families and households that I have changed and will remember that it will be received from the campsite itself, but the news has come that on the 17th, you will be given its regular distribution. The process will start.

Govt Include Ineligible People 

The government has included the people in Jancah Pardalabad and the Na  in this process. It has not been done yet, even if they do not receive it, how can they join this program? I am also going to provide you with a complete guide. Let the government consider giving you the right to appeal. I live and I have seen that many poor families who are in this program of the government, and in its place many rich families who are successful in taking it, that is, they become eligible in it. The main reason is that when you people conduct a survey, you do not conduct your survey properly. Secondly, there is a lot of recommendation culture in Pakistan. People even at the senior level ask the people sitting in the office to conduct your survey properly in this program of the government. But it will happen, but remember that the risk that Allah has written for you is to stay together, no matter how many intercessors come or people who stop you come and will not stop, you will stay together. So let me inform you in full detail about how you have to survey and join this program before let me tell you that the government has started the education scholarship for children. Some people will not receive education scholarships for their children who have been permanently disenrolled from the program and some people will not because of their future child education scholarship schedule. Next time, he will not come to this place with other people because it is distributed, which is being given on the social basis of sponsorship, along with children’s education scholarships and 10500 rupees 21 per annum from 42 thousand rupees which you get on summary basis is starting from Ajho and is going from camp side to camp side. 

Ehsas Kafalat Program Payment Update 

Full details and details of your area are provided by Govt. Benazir Income Support Program and ehsas Ka Falat Qasim are available on this website for all the centers, you can find your nearest center anyway, there must be a center in your tehsil. Who has been initiated and the staff sitting there in the ball will first verify you and check if you are eligible then you will be allowed to proceed if there is a case in your account. Yes, the second situation is that many women have high scores and therefore they may not go to Kasri. Whether it is your old age or your current age, whatever it is, the government is saying that those who have undergone dynamics within the last three to six months should have more support. It has been done, they are getting 105 rupees this time, see who starts with aj and whoever gets it will be confirmed. This is also an update with confirmation. Families and households who are currently undergoing the dynamic survey and are becoming ineligible may also be eligible, the reason may be again, but from the government end, you also get a chance after two years. Government is thinking of giving you right of appeal after 30 June 2024 if you want to get survey details from me then my whatsapp will reach me and full detailsYou will be provided to such families and households who consider themselves entitled and want to get the survey done at home for the first time. 

New Program Start Soon 

The program is going to be started in August under the leadership of Maryam Nawaz, which was the Ehsaas Ration program which was going on earlier and when you used to go to the Upshot, you would get a code of a few laughs on your mobile number, and they would give you a code worth Rs 1,000 or Rs 3,000. You have been getting Rs. or Rs. 1000 at different times. Now the news is that there are three types of Nahban cards worth Rs. 12,000 and on the other hand there is also the news that the government will re-introduce the ration program every 20 months. What steps are being taken on this, only time will tell. All such verified persons are incompetent persons. They should check their full four accounts. It may be that their installment has already been credited to their account. May Allah Hafiz allow it

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