BISP or Solar Panel Government Scheme 2024

BISP or Solar Panel Government Scheme

I am going to talk about two important programs. All the poor families are being given two plates and some other essential items by the Solar System Program, through which you can reduce your electricity bill to a considerable extent, and at the same time, the Govt. Coming to the other major update, there is good news for all the poor families whose women were excluded from the Benazir program and did not get mercy from the guardian or other such programs of the government. If you did not receive assistance from all the programs, then the government has announced great news for you. Now you will get payment from all the programs from the government, but how will you get the solar system program? 

How to apply Solar Scheme 

I am going to give complete information, because no such procedure has been introduced to apply for the solar System program launched by the government,you will apply in solar program u do this u will apply u solar program go to this website solid program If you are eligible then let me tell you one thing clear cut program in which the procedure of applying is not introduced by the government then any such website to apply you in this program. The form does not come. Before the Nigehbaan program was started, there was no method of registration, but now there is no method to apply in the solar system program. The plates of the solar system program will be given. Let me tell you one thing clearly that if your monthly cost of electricity in units is less than one cent, then you should not wait for solar because you The government will never get solar because the government has clearly announced that those who have less than 100 units will get two solar players and one battery from the government. 

Third Phase Payment Update 

It was going well, but because the Eid holidays came in between, even though the Eid holidays have passed, now there are three days, the Eid holidays have already passed, and from what year will the payment process start? Not only this includes the first and second phase people, not only their payment has been hindered, but the payment has not been started for those who are in the third neighborhood, so they are repeatedly messaging us that our They will provide the air to z details of when the payment will be made but let us tell you that three types of such people have been decided to be disbanded by the government and Benazir Income Support Tranam but their A condition has also been laid down for them if they fulfill this condition and follow the things prescribed by the government, they will be saved from disqualification and they will continue to receive payments. 

Government Give Gadgets Update 

Some other things are their gadgets, some things they will give you along with if you have more than that bill then don’t wait at all you are not going to get anything. Those who are texting me a lot saying that we have been expelled from Benazir, we will be enrolled in many programs, so let me tell you one thing clearly that the women who have been expelled from Benazir by the government or Then it has been removed from other programs by the government, so the most important essence of all the programs is the Benazir Income Support Program. It works, if you get nailed in the Benazir program, then consider that you will not get help from any aid program because the Benazir program is an important program from which all video families are getting help. OK, now it is about how you will apply in the Benazir program. If you are nailed, then let me tell you, the complete procedure is given by the government.  

Method To Apply BISP 

Let me tell you one thing that there is only one method to apply in this program, that is the dynamics survey. If you understand, then you will understand the whole thing. Dynamic means that you have any kind of issues with your like-up, maybe your mobile number is not updated or your documents. These have not been updated i.e. your husband’s 10 sites if your husband has passed away his pain certificate has not been submitted or there are some other issues with your children’s informal submissions such issues. If they are not sorted out, it means that you will not get any information from the government. Which will be my next video

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