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BISP Online Registration App

BISP Online Registration App

you will be given an application through which you will be able to treat yourself sitting at home, so in the first place you have taken that application and filled in your information very well if you read the information wrongly, then your registration will be wrong. Have previously suffered from diseases or those people are incompetent or they want to add their children without form or another child has been born in their house and has a new way form and they also want to add in it.

How to use this app?

After opening the application, if you guys have created an account in it, then you guys will log in here, that is, first, you will enter the card number and then you will enter the password. How to enter the password and card number for Norman, so please remember that when you enter it for the first time, you will create your password and remember that password. You don’t have to discuss this again and again, just log in to your account and you can change your complete details, change your complete data, and update your form, so you can open the application to you as soon as possible. you will click on writing and the star interface will be displayed in front of you. If you have already created your account, then you have already used this app. Here you people can check your card number and password and click on your people. From this, you will tell you by clicking on registration register because new people you don’t tell people how to create an account first so before running it you would like to tell you that you people have entered the information correctly support.

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You have to do it right, you guys don’t have to do wrong, if you guys write the wrong information in it, then you will lose them, you won’t lose anything, so you will request that you guys watch the whole video and you will tell you., you will give you the application, but you will tell you at the end that if you want to give, me where to download it, you will explain it completely.

Set Password:

You have to enter this way, you explaining to you, so after entering, you people have to enter his card number. What are you going to do about it? Well, after that, you guys have to select the mobile network that your guys’ mobile network accounts app is from Telenor. If you want to do it, what help do you have? Then you will click on my help. After clicking on it, you guys have to enter the number below. If you do, then there will be a lot of problems, so you guys, if it is written on top of you if it is permissible, then you have to install the number of the authorized one below, that’s right, so you explaining by entering this number and it’s After that, the most important thing that these people do not understand is how much we have to take on the pass. is an application and there should be a strong password here.

Instructions for Password:

People have to understand the password well, so here is how to enter the password. , so the password people have to institute all of it, that is, one-to-three-four. Be it capital or use it and in addition, you guys have to use a sign in it. ay, so the password, you guys have to look carefully. you have written this in big H, then you have written a small one, then you guys can see how you have to give the SIM password, you have to give a one-time password, then you have to give a confirm password and after that, you guys have to write below.

Writing email:

Writing email is very important if you people don’t write then it will be a lot of loss. You people have to go to the Play Store on your mobile and here an icon will be created on the right side of your major. Here it is written Daily Information TV and below my app people have to enter this and after that here people have to enter it. Remember that writing email is very important. If you people do not write female then sometimes It happens that there is no password number, and because of this there are more difficulties, then the password you have is also sent to the e-mail.

 You guys have to write the e-mail and you have to write it correctly, well, if you guys miss even one number, your e-mail will not work, so you guys should write the letter in a good way. Yes, you have been telling me again and again that you have to do my formation according to your card, so here you using random reasons to explain to you when it is okay, but up people, original according to your card, these things here. , after writing all this information, you guys have to check one thing and click on register below. If the next one is not happening, when you guys write the information correctly, it will go ahead. you will upload in which you will take this

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