Good News BISP online check | Stipend of children

BISP online check

Let me tell you that those who have written that you are who you are, means that you have been registered in the Tnomic Registry but are not eligible for this program, then there is great news for those people, if those people who are again Surveys are conducted or surveys were conducted among them. I made a video on my saying and the amount of all the friends who had been surveyed has increased. Their amount is 12500 rupees.

Combined the installments:

The reason for this is that they have received their money in their account, that is, combined the installments that they had and it was 12,000. 15,000 and 32,500 rupees in the same way. You can see here on the screen that the installments that were made by them were still paid on their account and they have received their money. HBL And through the devices of Bank Allflaa. As you people know through these devices you receive your money and soon you are going to get the new update through your bank account. This policy of getting money is also in progress and you will start getting money through your existing bank account and ATM, which will be very easy for you people. You will also be able to transfer your money at home to your valid Cash Visa Paisa account or you will be able to receive your money from any ATM and after that, I will tell you what you have.

you will start receiving it from the 15th or 12th of the same month because the work on it is also in progress and the amount of the installment after that is heard. I want 12 thousand rupees 500 is going to be 12500 rupees it is not confirmed but if this amount increases then it will be very beneficial for you guys that you guys get 14 thousand rupees first. It was reduced to 50 hundred in the same way, now this amount is being reduced little by little as 7500 was done, then 800 was done, 95 was done and now it is 10500. It has been done in the same way, which is now 12500 rupees. It is also being suggested that this amount should be done after that. 

Stipend of children:

The stipend of children which was 3 thousand 3500 has been reduced to 4500 rupees and in the same way. The amount you have is being increased and what follows is a lot of people who were under scrutiny or ineligible are being made eligible. Those who had done the survey many times were disqualified based on the same survey they have been qualified but you will check your eligibility properly then you will know that you are eligible for this program. Have you qualified or not for the new registration, let me tell you briefly that if you people want to register here, then 15-16 questions are asked of you there and these offices are located in the tehsil of each district. 

Establishment of offices:

There are offices, and these offices have been set up in homes, you can go there and get registered, take your ID card, and children’s papers with you and there you will be registered. How can you guys check your money which is the bot it has changed now the portal which was earlier was 8171 dot passed jiv dtpk now which is now that portal has changed now its place On is 81 71.BISP dot jiv dtpk ok you have to go to Google and type in 8171 dot bis p dot giv dtpk and after that, you have your CNI. C number will be given that you are eligible or ineligible for this program and the amount you have will also be told along with how much your amount is, so it is very beneficial that you go home.

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