Good News BISP online balance check

BISP online balance check

If you have received your money for the Benazir Income Sports program or not, you can check it online within just five minutes. if you are transgender, then you can go to any HBL dengue ATM and get below 7 thousand. You can do it as well. They have a case of up to 9,000. April, and May, you will get 9,000 rupees for one month. No, his rupees are the same as the Pakistanis whose carbon is 90,000. Regarding those areas, how has their 25,000 rupees been received? Well, all the people’s money has been received. You can check even sitting at home and also go to the team of HBLB and check the money.

Original Method to check balance:

you how to check your money, so friends, the correct method is the original method, that is EV, now you have to do this. All you have to do is walk up to any ATM near you and you just have to have your ID card if you have a Benazir card two things if you have it you can check your money easily right Now friends what you have to do is when you go to the ATM of HBL Bank you have to go to the ATM from where your power batter verification is done which means wow metric verification.

Steps to follow:

  • This is to allow you or your people to log into your account by verifying with your finger or your thumb. Well, when you go to the machine, you will see a screen like this. When you click on enter, you will be asked to select the primary language, so you have to select Urdu
  • After that, a screen like this will appear in front of you. If you look on your left side, you will see BISP written. OK, then you will write your ID card number here. 
  • OK, friends, you have to keep one thing in your mind. You have to check whether your money has been received or not, then you have to write the ID card here. They start writing the number written on the card. If so, you can’t write it here, which is your perfect record, that is your CLIC, which is your ID card and the link with it. The ID card number containing the above 13 is to be written here as soon as you write it, after that the next person will be asked that the price is fine, above CTM where you have to go from. 
  • Verification can be done through your vote, then the ATM will tow or call you. If so, when you place your thumb, after that a screen like this will appear in front of you.

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 Number one two is written above you can see cash pro cash bro means you want to withdraw your money then you have to click on cash vadra above the second number you have an option in front of you is personal transfer. Well in a savings account if you want to transfer your money then you can click on it because many people have opened a quote in HBL bank or any bank so they are lying. If you want to add more, then you will click on Front Transfer, above the third number, you will see the option of balance inquiry. Done or not, then you have to click on balance in balance inquiry.

 How much money you have received?

 How much money you have received, you can take out your statement, the bank has a record of how much money you have received throughout the year, and it also has all the blood, and movement you have received. And along with this, how much money you have earned, all this data is present in the D statement., now, friends, you have to do what you see written here. If you want to check the money, then it is fine. As soon as you check, the account number will be detailed in front of you. The first number will be your account. 

What is the number then how much is the current balance up period in your account here it is written 7 zara up so here baby if your money is 12 thousand or nine thousand or 25 thousand Yes, as many as there are, you will be seen written here. after that, you have to click on the hall and what you have to do. Yes, you will go back to the same screen., If you want to withdraw your money, you have to click on cash and draw. 

First of all, click on the option on the number. You will be seen written above. It is fine if your money is more. If you have not taken the oath of income sports program for two months, they can write you here for 2s. You can also write 25 thousand, whatever your money is. and after that, you have to click on it, money will be withdrawn from the ATM, the processing will start and the receipt will also be received. This is the complete process.

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