Good News BISP NSER Dynamic Registry 

BISP NSER Dynamic Registry: 

To be a part of the social protection program of the Welcome Support Program, it is mandatory to register in the National Socio-Economic Registry in which household information is obtained through survey registration based on the social status of all households. The status support program but also other social and economic security are used in this video. we explain to you the procedure of survey registration in the income support program in advance. After receiving the letter, press the tehsil of the Education Late by Uncle Support Program and visit the registration center. Apart from that, the families who have not yet been part of the survey can also visit the center and bring their children with them. Nadira Bay Form must be registered in this form in front of all children or most of the children, our

staff at the registration will issue an update token in the Yes survey to register you. 

The implementation of the BISP NSER Dynamic Registry

marks a transformative leap forward in social welfare initiatives. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics, this dynamic registry promises to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of beneficiary identification for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). This innovative system ensures that social safety nets reach those who need them most, fostering greater inclusivity and socioeconomic development across Pakistan.

Registration test according to the token number:

 Go to the group and get your answer. Wait for your turn. After waiting for your turn, remember to annotate the survey on the registration test according to the token number. In addition to this, the survey registration form of anyone without the survey token will be printed. It will ask questions based on the information on the registration form such as family members, education, health, employment, housing, family assets, property, foreign affairs agriculture, etc. I have been going to school in the past about Gayup’s house, there is no official boy for timing water, and there is no agricultural land, after bringing the fixed work, at the end, thumb will be affixed on the acknowledgments that the information provided is correct and incorrect. If you provide the information, legal action may be taken against you, after which you will be provided with the service and you will also receive a confirmation SMS from 8171 to the speech of the hundred by using the registration process completed verification. After the process, the candidates should be informed about their eligibility through 8178 messages.

Yes. So, first of all, we are telling you that a survey has been started, the formal notification of which has also been issued, the registration has been started and it has also been said that in the office of Benazir Antam Support Program, the same People come, those who are eligible to register for the dynamic survey, then tell people that only those people who will get tank survey message from 8171 will be able to register, so now tell people in full detail. Let’s say you haven’t received the message from 8171 yet, can you go to the office to register for the dynamic survey or not? will be available to people who had already registered for the Benazir Income Support Program but were not eligible either because they had gone under scrutiny or had disqualified them after that. 

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Receiving messages from 8171:

These people are receiving messages from 8171 from the government of Pakistan. If you have registered, write yes in the comments and you have not received the aid yet, then you will receive a message detailing 81. After that, you people have to go to the office to register for the dynamic survey, so if you have already registered but still are not getting the same message of 81, then it means that either Govt. You guys will be qualified by Pakistan or your poverty support is above 37, you guys can’t be eligible for this program on Dance Benazir. All those families who have not yet registered at the Benazir Income Support Program office, then it is important for all of you to do your registration through the Dynamic Survey because for the Dynamics Survey registration, call 8171. The following messages are being received only by those people who have already registered, but these people have problems, are they not eligible, that is, they are under investigation, their accounts were blocked, so yes, everyone. It is very important for the people that if the message from 817 will not come to the app then people will not have to go to register for the dynamic survey.

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