Bisp New Update Today May New Kist 2024 | Nigheban Card Program 12000 Apply | Ehsaas Program 2024

Bisp New Update Information on Card Registration

What will be the process of registration and how can you register in it? How many times will you be given ₹1 in a year?

While the new installment of 10500 for May has started, which date of May will this ₹10,500 payment be issued to you, and how will you collect this payment?

Punjab Govt favors Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card to dispense Rs150bn agri loans

Good News for New Surveyors

Big good news has also come for new surveyors, while how you can qualify for ₹6000 complete details will be given to you before giving it. All the instructions of the government will keep coming to you. The latest important news of this time is that from the side of the government of Pakistan, the introduction of a new card under the Benazir Income Support Program will be given to you ₹1 each.

Punjab govt dispatches Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card to encourage 500

How you can collect this amount, its registration and application process, and the complete criteria will be shared with you.

Announcement of Gas Tax and Subsequent Payments

While from the side of the government of Pakistan, the new gas tax of ₹500 has been started. Which will be the second one? The first installment you have already collected, this second installment will be started in the month of May, because the month of May is going on and in this month itself, you will be given the installment form.

 Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card Launched For Former In Punjab

Additional Payments and Offers Bisp New Update

In this, not only your payment will come, but you will also be able to collect the children’s allowance, and there are also some offers which were left over from their previous payment and they could not collect them. So along with this payment, they will also receive their previous payment.

 Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card Propelled For Previous In Punjab

Assistance Duration and Government Approval

Generally, after May 15, you will be able to withdraw this payment, while for new surveyors and all other beneficiaries, there is also very good news that they will also receive an installment of ₹500, and they will also be included in the Benazir Income Support Card program under which ₹1 each will be given. To receive this assistance of ₹1 each, you will have to keep some important points in mind, which have been told by the government.

Duration and Financial Impact

First of all, let us tell you about its total tour. Guardian card program will be for 5 years, this card will be valid for 5 years, 5000 installments will be given to the deserving family. This will be given three times, every four months, you will be given an installment of ₹1 each. After the success of the Guardian Ramadan package, the rent of the Guardian card was also increased. It is the Punjab government that will provide financial assistance to 64 million people through this card. If a total of ₹307 billion is spent in these 5 years, then this will be a financial assistance of ₹307 billion which will be distributed among all the people. After complete inspection and inquiry in this regard, the Punjab Cabinet has approved it, and those people will be included in it who were already included in the Benazir Income Support Program.

Data Utilization and Previous Beneficiaries

The government should also determine your poverty score, whether the government of Pakistan already has your data, this amount can also be collected through ATMs, those whose first Benazir card or Ehsas card was made, they will also be added to it. The government of Pakistan already has data, so no new registration has been done for this, and no new portal has been launched for it, and no registration has been issued by the government for this, only the criteria have been issued by the government, which has been told in full, and we have shared it with you. However, if someone tells you that registration will be done through this link for the Nigehban card, it is not entirely true, nor do you have to click on any link.

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