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Bisp New Update June Payment | 8171 New Update Message | Ehsaas Program Qist | Bisp 10500 Phase 2

Bisp New Update June Payment

Dear viewers, Assalam-o-Alaikum. The wait is finally over for everyone expecting the installment of 10,500. The process of receiving messages via 8181 has begun. Many recipients have already started receiving these messages, and we have updates on who will receive them next and when you need to go to collect your payment. The 8171 portal has also been updated, showing the latest payment information. Even if you haven’t received a message from 8171, there is good news for you. This update also includes information for those who haven’t received their children’s stipends yet, and we will provide complete details about the new case involving


Payment Details and Timeline

The most recent news is that the wait for the second group of recipients is over, and the payment distribution process has begun. Messages from 8171 have been sent, and the portal has been updated with detailed payment information. The installment amount of 10,500 remains unchanged for now, and there is no increase in this amount. Contrary to some rumors, the installment will not be ₹13,000. For the next three months, the installment will continue to be 10,500. If the government decides to increase the installment, it will be reflected in the next budget, potentially changing to 13,000. However, this change will only be effective from the next installment due in September, with the current amount of 10,500 remaining the same until then.

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Receiving Your Payment

Messages through the 8171 code have started being sent out, and the first phase recipients already received their messages in May. Now, in June, the second phase has begun, and messages are being sent out. The updated 8171 portal is currently available for the second phase recipients. For those in the third phase, the portal has not yet been updated. If you are wondering whether your district has received the payment, check if the portal shows the payment of 10,500. If it shows older payments or stipends from the Ramadan period, it means your district’s payments have not started yet. Once payments start, you will receive messages from 8171. Those who have not received their stipends or biometric verifications should do so after June 3rd at designated HBL payment centers. If your children’s stipends are also due, they will be added to the message and show up as educational stipends.


Payment Distribution Schedule

Starting from Monday, you will begin receiving your payments. Some recipients will get their payments on Monday, while others will receive them on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday, messages will be sent out to those who haven’t received their payments yet. Some recipients have already received their payments, and others will continue to get them in due course. Once you receive a message, you can go and collect your payment. If you do not receive a message, you should check your installment status on the 8171 portal. If your district’s installment is available, you can proceed to collect your payment. EHSAAS Sasta petrol

Collection Points and Procedure

This time, you will receive your full payment at designated campsites and centers, including specific schools and colleges. These campsites have been set up for payment collection, unlike shops where payments are not being distributed. You can visit these sites to collect your payment. Additionally, there are provisions for children’s payments alongside the regular payments. Retailers will not distribute payments; only designated campsites and centers will handle the disbursement. Ensure you go to the correct location to withdraw your payment.

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Special Cases and Future Payments

Payments for June will commence from the 15th of the month. Individuals deemed ineligible in this survey will have to wait an additional two years to qualify in the next survey. However, those who have recently completed the new survey and are eligible will receive their payments this June. The new payment series of ₹10,500 will start from Monday. Originally scheduled to begin from the 1st of June, it was delayed due to the weekend holidays. Therefore, payments will begin from Monday.   

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