Mon. May 27th, 2024
Bisp New Update 15000 Payment May

Bisp New Update 15000 Payment May 2024:

Two big shocks have been revealed by the government, in which you will get the second installment of 10500 rupees, but an even bigger announcement has been made in which now you are going to get 12 thousand rupees, if they want to apply for Upfield Nihgaban card, how can they do it, when will the second payment of Benazir Income Support Fund be released and is this time children’s stipend also with the payment? Is it already or will it come later? Where are you going to get the payment?

Payment of 10,500 rupees:

The important news of this time is that the government has issued a payment of 10,500 rupees to each of you. On the other hand, we are going to guide you in detail and the biggest and most important question is regarding the surveyors of 8171. If there are coins, they are continuing their efforts to get the survey done in one way or another. You may get to see more increase in this will be extended by the government. Its date is being taught from September to October and this is good news for you because all the spenders are observed. I will be able to do the work of 12,000 in the same way, which has been kept by the government. You will be provided with this 12,000 rupees as a guard card. A payment of Rs. 12,000 will be made and then it will be canceled. Only 12,000 rupees will be given.

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Installments in schools and campuses:

Let me tell you that this will not happen. An amount of 12 thousand rupees will also be released to you. What will be the procedure to apply for 12 thousand? Will be elected and only for the people of Punjab because Maryam Nawaz to the Government of Punjab If they are representing, that is why there are all the people of Punjab by the way, the second payment of Rs.10500 will also be started by the government after May 15 to run the new case and this will be given to the Qastup not only along with the child benefits and this payment will be given to the retailers instead of the retailers. 

Call the shopkeepers from the camp side where there will be government schools or some institutions that will be run by the government and you will be able to receive your payment from the camp side. At the end of the video, like the video on YouTube. They will be able to benefit from this, just as the Ehsaas cards were made by the government, in the same way, the Nighaban card will be made by the government. These cards will be transferred to the post office nearest to you. If you have your data from the government, then the cards will be automatically shared from there in the same way.

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