Bisp new registration method 2024 | BISP dynamic Registration 

Bisp new registration method

The money from the Banker Incomes 4 program will start getting to the people and this money will be paid to the people immediately by the government. Now the registration for 2024 and 2025 is being done. As many people as possible should get their registration done as soon as possible.I am going to give you the update regarding Benazir Income Support Program in which you guys The complete procedure will be told how you can get the new registration form of fancy income support program and how you can do the survey and whether the survey is better or registration is better or there is a code through which you people can apply. Along with this, we will tell you how people are being supported by double 96 and what is the main purpose of this score. I have a small request from you friends. 

Eligible In New Survey 

You will be eligible for the new survey. The government has updated the policy. Full details about what is being given to you and what is its main purpose will be shared with people and along with this let me also tell you that now you have to do more. Yes, you have to add the names of two family members as well. If you add the names of two more people along with your family, it will also give you a big benefit.We are going to discuss and many of us have told the families that you correct your mistake, when you correct your mistake, don’t make a mistake, no one will remove you from the Basic Income Support Program, then you guys will get the Basic Income Support Program. They will continue to take money here without worrying about the support program, but for this it is necessary that you have to improve, you have to take the right path, a new policy has been made by the government of Pakistan for many families and we will help them. They tell us that this is the policy and according to it you should apply here. Now Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have entered the Bansar Income Support Program. 

Shahbaz Sharif Start Federal levels 

The difference between the programs started by Maryam Nawaz is that all the programs that Maryam Nawaz wants to start are at the provincial level, but the programs that Shahbaz Sharif will start are at the federal level and all the programs in Pakistan. People residing within can apply and benefit here now according to the new policy of Pencil Income Support Program which is the new registration which is being registered for 2024 and 2025. The information is important, this will also be told to you and there is another good news for you. I am worried about what is the code of the double-lined S, so I am putting its details in front of you guys, but before that, the registration form for 2024 is necessary for you guys, now you guys are given a form and this form It is important for you guys to fill it when you guys submit it by doing foreign fun then PMT is made on it and your chances of getting eligible are increased then the remaining details. 

9966 Code Update 

let me tell you about 9966. A lot of families have asked about9966 to tell us what can be checked for people on 9966. Only the message comes and it is told that you are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program, it is told to you from 8171 that your payment for the Benazir Income Support Program has gone and you should go and collect it. If you register people through , then the answer is no, Double Line helps people, but registration is not done. People, if you also have ID card, now in a minute the problem of double nine double s will be solved and you people will get help here, many codes and many updates are there. There are those who help people, so here is this update regarding 9966, if your name has been included in the list of 9966 people, your name is registered there and you are active there, your status is there. If it looks active, then the chances of you people are non-existent, then there is no hope that you will get money here or not like in Uncle Support Program, so first of all you have to work. That you have to check the status of your job, you will check the status up, your name is included in the list, then you guys will not be able to be a part of this program and the chances of you guys are less than 10 percent if you His name is not included in this list and if you have a big family, then 100% of your people can be here.So, I will tell you what you have to do. 

Check Status By 8171

First of all, this work can be done on the simple mobile you have. There is another mobile that can also be used. Apart from this, if you want to check online on the porter, then I will tell you how to check on the portal. You can also check the status of the double line by going to the porter. There is a specific code which has been released and it is also a government code like the code of 8171 on 9966 you people have to forward a message when you forward a message here then there are two types of messages. People get to see on 9966, the rich people have more money, they know it, but the poor people don’t know why the double line is double S, now it is double. A list has been created which contains a list of all Pakistanis in the whole of Pakistan and whose name is included in this list is not included in the aid program. If I tell you the method, then the viewers should write their name in the message and their name in the message. Here, write your name first, whether you write it in small spelling or big spelling. Work through your mobile phone. You can do it, you have to write ALT here and after that you have to give a space and after that you have to enter your CNAC number here and the space etc. You don’t give it and you don’t have to put a dash etc. in the middle, so I will show you by writing the ID card number here as an example. 

How should you write it? 

You will write in the start and after that you will give a little space, one space is enough, you do not need to give two spaces and after that you have to put the entire CNEC number in it. Don’t put signature etc. No one etc. Don’t write with me only you have to write the CNEC number and nothing else and after that you have to do one small task that is to send it to him when you send it to him. If you do, you will get two types of messages. The first message will tell you that your name is included in this list and you are a filer. If you are a filer in FBR and your name is included in it, then Forget the money then you people will not get money if your name is not included in this list then you can get money then your people name can be included in Banizer Income Support Program,that’s why this status It is important for you people to go and finally, if you are called for a survey in the Bansal Income Support Program or if you have to do a survey for the first time, then you have to do one more thing for that. You have to understand that I am giving a big trick to you guys. After all, your family is big and you go there and settle down. They quickly identify you and take the form of one or two children. The data is not taken. You don’t have a record of the other people in the house, and if you get the survey done, then there is no use for you until you get the data of all the people in the house.

How to calculate PMT Score 

The PMT will not be made correctly and it is not the government’s fault, it is your people’s fault. If you submit the up record of an individual, then the complete data will go to the government and when the complete data goes, if the family is big, then the government also has a share that this family is big, if it gets assistance here, then those people would be eligible. And at the same time, let me also tell you that the people who are called Princed Income Support are given a registration form. If you are educated and know everything, then you can answer all the questions they are asking you on this form. If you are not educated, you can write about it. If no one knows, then the staff will be there to assist you, who will ask you the questions that you have completed here and your answers will be posted and in the light of this, the poverty score of you people. It will be made and those who are eligible will be released by the government. do it

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