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BISP New Qist UpdateBISP New Qist Update

BISP New Qist Update

You people will think that yes, our response was from when we were being asked for the payment, it was being asked that there was a long-standing demand for the second phase game. What has happened now has been completed and what has changed is the second phase. It is only me. Now when will the ajer phase start? I am going to tell you which districts have been included and which districts have been included in the third phase. In addition, I am also going to tell you that the payment will be received from Meese.besides this, it will also be a challenge for you guys, that challenge will be whether the first phase, the camp side, should be completed, and the payment distribution is not complete. If so, 

What Will Happen To Them? 

Listen to Oses and convey this message to others so that whatever is their problem, their pain can be reduced and they can become self-reliant. If people do not listen attentively, then they will be heartbroken, as you know that Benazir Income Support Program has a date for the Boart program. I keep giving timely updates to people, that’s why I keep giving it, so that people get every new update and if you guys don’t suffer from any news, then come on. Lucky kunde is oses’ site has just started in Jane’s Law and payment distribution is going on there so there is a lot of rush due to which women are facing problems. We are in the process of receiving payment, for example, in which district our payment is started in the first phase, until the payment is completed there, because as many women have left.

What Data Do They have? 

There are beneficiaries and what has been the payment of those who are, the way pass data is available, so as long as ‘Raif’ is included in the end phase, i.e. adultery, most of the areas in it are from South Punjab. The areas of VH of South Punjab are included in this, so these areas are included in this, so the payment will be made in these areas, they should start meeting them from the first of June and take their payment before that. If possible, the third phase will include those remaining in the Punjab Ek, and some of the  districts remaining will also be included in it. This is the woman. She is here to take her payment. It is written on the door that there is no fee. The complaint number is written. It goes to the counter and there it is regularly given a screening key, a token is given and our disk is also attached here with the helpline number and the complaint number on it.

2nd Phase Payment Update

There are people, they have gone to a lot of people who have received money according to my method, registered their money according to my method, after that their money has come and those who have received it. Yes, this amount has been received Rs. 10500 and 29 percent of the people have received this amount and the rest of the people who live will be given this amount marla wise. Go to this portal of portal 8171.pisp.jivi.dtpk and check your amount. If your amount is shown there as 10 thousand, 12 thousand, 14 thousand rupees, then understand that your amount has arrived. But you should belong to the cities of the first stage, you should be from the province, only after that you will see the amount there, if you belong to any other city that is not in the first stage, then you will see zero there. If you see the balance, then you don’t have to worry that the amount you used to get has now become zero because the phase has not started in your city or in your province due to which you are showing zero balance. At the same time I will tell you that these cities are included in the second stage, then you will check your money, then you will find the money you have there and let me tell you people that This is 10 thousand 500 rupees is your money and along with it 4 thousand rupees is the stipend of your children. Okay, at least 4 thousand rupees, maximum 4500 rupees. The total amount is 14500 rupees, so you must see it. If you don’t know about Merle, if you don’t know about anything else, you can also call on the helpline number zero 82647.

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