BISP New qist 12500 Update 2024 | How To Get New Payment 

BISP New qist 12500 Update

I am  at your service with a new video regarding the Ehsaas Kafalat program, Benazir Income Support Program, in which I will tell you one thing. There are registered girls in the Zeewar education program, the payment of all these girls has been received, there will be a discussion with details about which women have qualified and those who are still under investigation, when will they get the payment. It will also be discussed with the same detail and after that the next cassette or the one that is starting tomorrow, how will you get the money and where will you get it?Friends, Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Benazir Income Support Program and Government

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There’s been news about an increase in BISP installments,

There’s been news about an increase in BISP installments, but it’s not confirmed yet. Currently, the disbursement for the first phase of 10,500 PKR is ongoing. The second phase is expected to start in June and might include an increase to 12,500 PKR, but official confirmation is awaited. Keep an eye on the BISP website or dial 8171 for updates on the second phase and potential amount increase.

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Zewar Educational Program 

All the women whose daughters are studying in government schools and they are not yet able to register in the Zewar education program or they have not been registered yet, then it is up in the procedure. Let me tell you in full and the women who have received jewelry in this program can go to any nearby BOP retailer and receive the payment for their daughters. What is your eligibility in this program, how to do your online registration, how to get the money that you have for this program. Let me tell you, first of all, those women or those persons whose daughters are studying in government schools from the sixth to the tenth standard, the same families can join this program and their daughters can get the payment. Okay, now how much payment will you get, the first payment will be 21,000, after that, who will get the amount of 6,600, whenever you will get the money now, whenever you will get the money for the Zewar education program. If you come, you will continue to receive the installment of 6,6,000. Now, men who are in it can also register their account or mothers of girls can also register their name in this program. You can do the add. Now how is it done? One is the headmistress of the school. She gives your data to the government. It is okay. After that, your data goes to the education department. What is it, the teleg department forwards it to the bank. After some time, an account is opened for you within the fellow class from the holiday, which you have to go to the retailer of VivB and get it opened. Through Biometric, the mobile number that you have given and the other data, the school students have to take the same mobile number and the same ID card and go to the detailer of BOB, there he will ask you some questions. 

Add Biometric Number 

After that, he will add your biometric number, he will also add your ID card, after that he will give an OTP code to your same number, you have to give it to him and say That we should register what we have in this program, ok, you are registered in this program, in the jewelry education program and within two orphan months, you will get your payment of 21,000. For those who want to do this process, I have told them that the government, who is the headmistress of the school, will send your data to the education department, the salem department will send it to the bankers, then your account will be opened. After that, you will start getting 21,000 which you already have. When will the payment start and when will they start receiving the money? Firstly, those women who have registered in Ehsaas Kafalat program, all those women have been eligible, except those women who are divorced. Women have also been included in this program as the rest of the women are still waiting and their lives are going on and they will be eligible in June and July. Well, until then you have to wait. All the women who have applied for the new survey in Beyaziri Kim Support Program can check their ID card on the 81 portal to find out about their eligibility. Besides, all women who are already eligible under the Benazir Kim Support Program and have registered themselves in the Dynamic Register can check their husband’s ID card on the 8171 portal if they are eligible or not. No. Well, this is the procedure. After that, out of all the examined women, I have told you two categories of women who have already joined this program.In which one is a widow, whether they have children or not, they are eligible for this program. 

Dynamic Registry Update 

If they have registered their Dynamic Register, they have also included women who have been divorced. Kirli Al Reddy is also eligible for this program and they will get the next case that they have, and as many women as they are tested, about 90% of them will get what they have in June and July. In addition to this, all the women who want to check their status can do so on the helpline number. Apart from that, you can also check your status by yourself. If you take it, you will know whether you will get the next question or not, so you can know whether you are eligible for this program or not, whether you have to wait or not. Well, I have told you this procedure, now the last thing I am going to tell you is that the next ones are starting tomorrow, I think from the day before yesterday, they are starting in many places, you will know that this way you have to receive your money, now the government is taking you to the camp side, so you will get money at the camp side, just like the previous system. It used to be that some union councils were gathered together in one place and a camp was made, so it is okay, it can be made in a government school, besides, it can be made in a hospital, it can be made in a battery hospital. And as many official emirates as you have read, they can set up their camps there. Well, maybe your camps should be set up in the same place as they used to be in your area, and there you will receive your payment this time. Yes, she will meet you. 

New Payment Update 

You know how many difficulties are faced at the camp side. Many women fainted last time too. It has to be done. Well, for one thing, you know that here they say that there are cuts etc. in the shops, but where the camp side is located, people have to face a lot of difficulties, there is no water to drink. There is no place to sit, so they have to receive the money with many difficulties. If so, what do you want to message Campside Up about it, should they go to Campside or not, or should you get the money in the same way as you are getting money from the retailer? You have to comment and all the women who are included in this program are fine and have done their new registration. And in the one that is being started, most of the children have been paid. Quarter four is being started, so it will be started in May. I will also start the case from May 5 to May 25. After that, your own case will also be started.

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