BISP New Phase Payment Update 2024

BISP New Phase Payment Update

The final announcement of the new rate has been made and you are going to get a new rate of Rs 10,500. The new list has been released. With the new one, you are going to meet the person. Has the payment method been changed this time or not? The update regarding the survey check and child benefits has also become a part of this video. 

New Installment Update

First of all, a new installment of 10500 rupees, which is usually the second installment, is being run by the government. There is also a list in it, which tells you that. You don’t have to return empty-handed and get your money back. Usually it used to be that earlier this part of the payment was done once in a single date. There is no delay and the payment will be received on time because the government is going to present the budget for June, instead it is being rushed and the process of sending payments to people’s accounts will start in the same month of May itself. What is being done, that is why the government also issues a new list of new payments. It will not be that if you have not received the payment in the first phase, you will not receive it in the second phase. This is not the case. will not be able to get the payment in the first phase, they will get the payment in the last phase, including the people of KPK, Punjab, Sobh Sindh. In this, not only the list of Punjab has also come, in the morning they are going to tell you the names of those from Sindh and KPK from where you will start getting payment on May 13. 

Payment Received From Different Regions 

Where payments are to be made, while one district is Hyderabad, the payment is going to start from May 13. In the same way, if we talk about Karachi, among the six weapons included in it, Karan is on top, followed by East West. Karachi is followed by North Nazimabad, Vomit will be distributed there also in the same way, the name of Karam Ki Malir is also included and the payment will also be conducted in Karachi Central, while talking about Punjab, Upper Punjab of Punjab. As many arms as there are, in which payments should be made from Rawalpindi to Mandi Bahauddin, it includes many districts, many districts of South Punjab have been missed, in which payment will be made in phase two. Only the district of Gujranwala, Gujarat, Mayawali is also included, the rest is scattered, there are enough arms in which from Rawalpindi to Mandi Bahadin, there are as many areas as there are total 15 to 20 districts where the payment will be distributed in the same way. Almost all reforms of PK include where the payment will be distributed, not only the verified persons but also those who have been included in the eligible list should check their name first and the payment will be made this time.

938 Error Update 

People with 938 error are also included, while those who have done the new survey, the payment of a lot of people has already been received, while the payment of children’s benefits is not being processed with the payment, there may be a little delay.If the payment is started out of 13, it is not being distributed all over Pakistan, so most of us are ancestors, this payment will be transferred and you will pay your payment in different cents. You can receive from various schools, colleges and various institutions where the government has allowed various raters and gentlemen to run their payment there, then your payment will be received.

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