BISP New Payment start 2024 | Blocked card open 

BISP New Payment start

The people with the 938 who are worried, let’s just say that our 938 still works. If it has happened, when will it be open, then I am also going to give them good news. Apart from this, secondly, what I told you about the children’s payment, I have managed to get away from my side.The next episode is whether we will be able to get it out of the ATM or not, so I am going to tell you about it as well. There are householders, they are getting payment even though they also have a government job, so how can they get it? I am going to tell you the reason for this. I keep whispering in my mind, so what am I going to do? May you be living your life happily, as you guys know that whenever there is a new update about the Benazir Income Support Program, I don’t keep giving time to you guys, that’s why I request you guys. 

Payment block Due To 938 Error

So first of all what I am going to tell you is the code of 938. What happens is that the payment is blocked and who is blocked, then when will they be opened because I told you earlier that we are in January, February and March. What we are giving this month, when its distribution is going to be completed, what will we do after that, the code of 938 will be opened, we will open the automatic headquarters and what will you people say about your cross? You will be able to withdraw the payment, which is the code of 938, which is done when people tap their thumbs up 20 times, then the 938 code is generated. If your insurance does not come out, then your code will be 938 and your account will be blocked. If it gets blocked, then even when you put your thumb on the device, we are working on it day and night in the headquarters of 938 and we are doing it on a daily basis and its final result. Update 72,80 percent 70 to 80 percent of the women who are women, 38 of them who were included in the list, we have removed the code of 938, now you will say. Yes, they have not received the payment yet, we are still working on the list and we will soon send this tab to the bank and the bank will transfer the payment to the account. 

938 Error Solved

And those accounts will be opened, that’s why we are working on it and the hope is that the make-up that has been in the first week, the people with 938 in it will have the 938 code removed. The account will be given, what will be done with their block, they will be unblocked, that’s why you people, don’t worry, your heart is not your hope. Yes, you people have to hold the destination, which is near to you, besides this, secondly, there were payment concerns regarding the children, so I am going to remove them from you, the biggest among them. So the question is being asked that a lot of people are asking that sir our child is studying in a Madrasa and some are saying that our child is studying in a government school, they are saying that it is a private school. I am reading that someone is saying that if they study in Beif’s school, will they also get a stipend, although I have told this many times, if you still don’t know what this stipend is, it has been six years. . For the Government he is the child of our beneficence. 

Children Stipends Verification 

Verification will be done regardless of whether he studies in a private school, studies in a practice school, a government seminary, wherever he grows, all you have to do is the slip that I told you to complete. what to do Is close Benazir’s woes Anna is she slip or is still showing but no one has it then they can take it from me again I am available for you people so what after that slip fill Do go to the nearest Benazir office and go there and ask your children for our music office. If so, wherever he studies, we go to the same institution and do his verification, check his attendance, that if your child is really in your school, then we would issue his stipend. If yes, then this should not happen again. Besides, I have also told that what we have to pay for the children is for the fourth quarter of 2023. It includes the months of October, November and December, so I have already said that. I am the one who got his child educated in January, February and March 2024, if they ask for stipend, then I have told them that you are beating the mud in the water and the butter does not come out. For God’s sake, don’t kill Madani in the water and then they also ask that Sir, if we had given education to our children in January, February, March, then our children would have received a stipend. It’s done, don’t be discouraged, let them give us the quarter payment first, let us complete the distribution, it will be your turn, then I will tell you which one is my death. So you people are in such a hurry then when I talk about something from the front, then they say that it was our compulsion, this was that. It is our beneficiary’s compulsion that’s why we transfer the payment to them without verification.

Eligibility For Children Stipends 

Considering your compulsion, should we end the process of verification, which is the payment of children, I have already told you that this is a conditional cash transfer, it is based on the fact that if your child goes to school. We don’t see his attendance until we do his verification, and 70 to 80 percent of his attendance is necessary, so unless you check him, we don’t know what he wants. Save time and save others. Besides this, another test is done that all these military men, their wives, what they have done, they are taking payment and the members of his family. They are also taking PMT and those who are retired also have layers, so you people are asking that Sir, they are also government employees, then how are they taking it, we don’t have their data in our system. Yes, the army has no data in our system, our system is not able to detect them, the matter is over, apart from what you people are asking, they are asking that the payment is going to be received in the next month in April and For the month of June, will we be able to withdraw it from the ATM or not? In this regard, we are trying hard this time, so this payment can be withdrawn from the ATM. There is a lot of effort to restore the existing ATM and we are hoping that the existing ATM will be restored soon so that these people can do what they can do with the ATM. To find out what is happening between our team and those who are in the bank, the mutual communication between them is ongoing and very soon a final result will come out and this ATM is also under maintenance. People will get news and the next payment they will be able to withdraw from the ATM.

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