Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP New Payment Start From Friday UpdateBISP New Payment Start From Friday Update

BISP New Payment Start From Friday Update

The case of May 10500 is going to start, what is the new date of payment and now it has been released by the government in the list of centers, if you also get your new case from the centers. want to do and you want us to know about your center, which center is in your city, so please comment now and write guest there and you can also write the name of your city. What is the name, which tehsil do you like, then you have to send these things, go to the comment and they will show you the list of all the upcoming centers, they will also release you 17 100,000 new women have been qualified, including your name, a large number of people on moon check and people who have been newly married or who were disqualified. If the problem is going on, are they also going to pay this time? 

BISP Big News 

The big and important news is that the new payment of Rs.10500 is being formally started. Rubina Khalid, chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program, has completely taken over the control. They have started receiving congratulations from all over Pakistan. A large number of people are also congratulating them, while the new payment this time is to be conducted from the camp side and is to be conducted from different centers, so the government of Pakistan. Lists of different centers have also been released. We will tell you about the list we have, but three to four important points related to the new type are also included in this list. Nahal. Individuals are also included and whose score is up to 32, so we are going to share some important points about them, you have to read it carefully. 

Payment Received From HBL Retailer

First of all, let us tell you what the episode is. will not be issued from the HBL retailer shop but from Campside and the other party who this time only 10/500 will be issued to regular beneficiaries. Inside, where the total amount of all regular benefits will also be mentioned so that you can receive your full amount, the children of women whose children have completed the verification process through education should be released along with their children. The women who had received the stipend for their children will not be able to release the money for their education this time and the largest and most important quantity is 1.7 million women whose score is less than 32. There are 34 lakh verified women, their verification process has also been completed, their payment has also been released to the concerned bank so that their installments can also be processed and the most important point is that women have opened their accounts. After verification from the BSP office, if their score of 32 was more than PMT, then their installment will also be released this time, while the list of camp side and center will also be released by the government. 

Region list update For Payment 

It has been announced that the list that we have received is scattered in the district, in which we have received the list of four tehsils where the center camps have been set up in government high schools in four tehsils. Centers have been established in Tehsil Bakar Darya Khan Kallar Kahar and Mankra. Lists have been issued which are showing you on the screen. If we want to receive your PM2, then you can also comment, in the comment you have to write yes and in the second number you must write the name of your city and the name of your tehsil so that the list of your centers is also included. We can release it in the next video then we will also tell you the list of other centers. The new payment of Rs. 10500 will start from Friday

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