Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP New Installment UpdateBISP New Installment Update

BISP New Installment Update

These families will be financially supported from Punjab’s Nighaban Card with 64 lakh rupees. Recommendations have also been made to give 12,000 to the family from Nigehbaan card Know more details about this.Is your money blocked or not? Are you going to continue to receive money? The procedure we are going to tell you is very easy. You just need to understand. Also, regarding the new installments of the Benazir Income Support Program, of course, all of you. If people want to hear details and information, great news has come regarding all the new payments of BISP, they also share with you and especially Nigehbaan Card of this new program that gives assistance up to 12 thousand rupees. 

Upcoming New Payment Update 

Regarding the upcoming new payments of the Benazir Income Support Program, let us tell you that the new payments will be distributed through two phases and the people of the first phase will start receiving payments from today or tomorrow, inshallah. will be started and when these payments reach the accounts of all the people, then the payments will also be started. Remember that this time the installments will be run on the campsites, so they will have to make phased payments. system has been given and let us tell you that a large number of people’s money is going to be blocked, so how do you know that your money is going to be blocked or has been blocked or blocked? If you can go, in this regard, you only need to use the web portal and you can understand it very easily, you just need to understand the 81 web portal as you are already using it. Check ID Card Eligibility There are different types of status shows. You should consider what kind of status show you are getting. Nazir is also eligible for sponsorship program and along with this in red words you are also informed that you have been registered in the dynamic registry and below that you have the third status of Benazir Income Support Program Beneficiaries. What is the importance of the utility store? If you are also told that you are still eligible for the utility store subsidy, you are eligible, then congratulations, brother, your money has not been stopped, nor will it be.

BISP Families Status Update

Similarly, those who have this status show that you are eligible for Benazir Kafal and you have been registered in the dynamic registry but you are not eligible for the utility store, then your money is going to be stopped. If any of these statuses become ineligible or if you have not done the dynamic survey yet, then your money will be stopped after June 30. How can you check whether your money will be blocked or not? If you still don’t understand or if you have any problem regarding the 81st Web Potter, then you can ask in the comments without hesitation. Kasi Katar web portal can also be found on Google. Earlier in our many videos we have told how to check your information from 81 web portal. Let us tell you that the Nigehbaan program is a program that is going to give assistance up to 12 thousand rupees to special people, so you must have heard different information about this earlier, but so far they are going to confirm it to you. 

Bait ul mal Registration 

It has not been fully implemented, but its registration is being done through Baitul-Mal, because one of the important conditions for joining this program is to be registered in Baitul-Mal. We have already made the full registration procedure by going to the website, so we will tell you that the Nigheban card will be fully applied in June.  card will be fully implemented within the day. Also many people have asked questions regarding ATMs so still ATMs are not restored for BISP payments. And the process of checking the payments is so easy that you take the help of 81 portal Qazi ka tar. The payments are shown to you on the web portal itself. Subscribe and like the video, take care of yourself, give us permission, may God protect you

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