Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
BISP New Eligibility Status UpdateBISP New Eligibility Status Update

BISP New Eligibility Status Update

First of all, congratulations to all of you because you will match the Benazir Income Support Program money to the ATM. There is also big news that we are going to tell you. Likewise, there is good news for all the people who are stuck in the examination. has been and they will be able to get their installments like all the other beneficiaries very soon but in this regard you will have to wait a little more. There is a special update regarding these people, they will also share with you because you know that many people are being disqualified by the government now, how can you avoid being disqualified. Will also share with you and yes, the biggest update is that whether you should do your survey or not, many people are saying that if you don’t do your survey, is there any benefit of not doing the survey, I will update you in this regard.

New Banking System Update 

Only under two banks like before, but you will also match these payments with the ATM machines of six new banks. All the districts of the clusters and the complete details about which district the payments will be issued under which bank, from which ATM you will be able to get the money, we can also show you that list, but for that, please comment. If you want to see the list, then write yes in the comments or write the list. Accordingly, in the next videos, we will show you the complete list from which you will be able to check the name of your district, which cluster your district is in and which one. These payments will be given under the bank in your district, however let us further inform you that now the ATM is going to be restored, from July 15 all BISP payments will be received from the ATM. It will be done and yes, we have told you many times before what is the last stage of the recent episodes of the sponsorship program, but still there are questions, so we need to tell you. So see, God willing, from July 1st, you will start meeting anyone under the last stage.

BISP New Eligibility Status Update
BISP New Eligibility Status Update

Last Phase Payment Update 

Those who are in the last stage will be able to get their installments from July 1st. Yes, there may be more changes. Subscribe to the meter so that you can get all new updates on time. Also let us tell you that all those ineligible people who are not eligible after doing the dynamic survey of Benazir Income Support Program, this is great news for them. They can withdraw whatever installments they have in their accounts, but they must go to their nearest payment centers before July 15 and check their accounts. If there are any payments in your accounts, withdraw them Later, your account will be blocked, but let’s give you this update that the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program who have been receiving money for many years now have both bad news and good news. The bad news is that they are now afraid that if we conduct a dynamic survey, we will be disqualified after the dynamic survey, and similarly many people have been told that if you do not conduct your survey, those who do will not conduct their survey.

Who Don’t Conduct Survey

They are not doing it, they are making a mistake themselves, there is going to be a huge loss because in the next month they will be expelled from this program, so you have to conduct a survey. If you can avoid it, see, you have to do the survey. Doing the survey is the main method to avoid being disqualified. If you don’t do the survey, then you will be confirmed. Later it will be seen that you are eligible then you will not be nailed. If you are not eligible then you can be nailed but there is no problem in that you will get 50 percent chances of qualifying. There are and many people who are eligible don’t have any kind of problem, just they get their dynamic survey done. The money continues like this all those people who are stuck in the check and great news for people. This is that inshAllah their verification is ending from the month of September and after that they will start getting the installments of the  program.

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