Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Bisp new banking system UpdateBisp new banking system Update

Bisp new banking system Update

Finally the problem of dynamic survey is over, so these two types of women should not do their dynamic survey because these two types of women also have similar problems. Permanently Qualified for Benazir Income Support Program Yes Going forward you will also be told which two types of women you do not need to re-survey and which ones are required to re-survey. We will also talk about what needs to be done and yes, your waiting hours are over because the government is also starting the installment of ATMs for all payments of the Benazir Income Support Program. We will also tell you the final date and all the women who are disqualified from the Benazir Income Support Program should get ready because their last installment is coming, they should receive their last case as soon as possible. will also tell the date before which this episode can be received first so let’s move on to the details of all these updates, You will be guided to solve the problems and yes you must mention in the comments whether you have used the recent case of Rs 10500 or not. 

Payment Start By ATM Update 

ATMs are being restored for all Benazir Income Support Program payments. ATMs were closed for a long time and after this long wait, the waiting hours are coming to an end. Because from July 15, you will start receiving Benazir Income Support Program payments from ATMs and after some time, the new banking system will also be introduced, under which you will also receive your payments from six new banks. You will be able to get this payment. Also, let’s share with a most important update that UpDynamic survey hassle is over for these two types of women. And there are people who are still being tested, that means all the women who have been tested cannot get their survey done again, because the data they have is still under verification. You will be told that if you are eligible, then your installments will be released, if you are not eligible, then you will be able to do the dynamic survey, but there will be a period for that too, only after completing this period, you will be able to do your dynamic survey.

Bisp new banking system Update
Bisp new banking system Update

Who Don’t Required To Done Dynamic Survey 

Similarly, in the second place, all such women who have been eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program after January 2024 have started receiving money, so all such women cannot do their dynamic survey because all such women are permanently have been qualified for the next two years, after two more years they will be re-surveyed and the situation will be seen later. If they are eligible, their money will continue. If they are given, then the money will be stopped, but for the time being, the problem of their survey is over. Likewise, the question arises as to which women will have to undergo a mandatory survey, then look at all such women who are benign Almost two and a half or three years have passed since they joined the income support program, so all such women must undergo up-dynamic survey otherwise they will be disqualified from the Benazir income support program within the next month. Here are the latest updates.

Last Phase Payment Update 

Let us tell you that the last phase of the recent case of Benazir Income Support Program is left, regarding which the people are waiting, so brother, your waiting hours are going to end very soon, that means in the next three to four. Within a day, you will see the final stage of the installment of the sponsorship program being released and these payments will be received in your accounts and yes, who will be in your accounts, then you will also have to see that you How can you avoid it because the intensity of heat is increasing day by day in different areas, so you have to avoid the intensity of heat yourself and don’t take your small children to a crowded place. If you wait and what is being promised by the government that the ATM will be launched from July 15, then as soon as the ATM is launched, your convenience will increase. will also be able to take the case and yes you must tell in the comments whether the ATM should be restored or not. Also, as soon as they become eligible after verification, their next app’s country branch will remain in their accounts and they will continue to get the latest updates

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