Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP Monthly Payment Release May 2024BISP Monthly Payment Release May 2024

BISP Monthly Payment Release May 2024:

You have received the first instalment of Benazir Income Support Program, now you will get the second instalment of 10,500 rupees. A notification has been issued by the government of Pakistan for the instalment of April to June 2024 for BSIP regular benefits on Monday 13 Notification dated May 2024 has been received which states that payment will be released to you on 13th May.

PMT Score:

All such persons who are doing their new survey and their PMT score has increased i.e. they used to get money in Benazir Com support program but now they have updated their survey again and their PMT score is there. If it has increased, such people are now being disqualified by the government as they have now moved above the poverty line.

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Last Date For Conducting Dynamic Survey:

 Government of Pakistan is asking to re-survey in Benazir Income Support Program and the last date for dynamic server in Benazir Income Support Program is 30th June 2024 if you have not done your dynamic survey before 30th June 2024. So you will be disqualified and after that your payment will be stopped and you will not get a chance to re-register for two years so you must do your dynamic survey first before the last date.

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BISP Monthly Payment Release May 2024

8171 Web Portal:

There are many people who want to check their children’s money but the money is not being checked. There are very easy ways. Earlier you had to go to Benazir Income Support Program retailers. How much money has been received by our children and how many children have received, now you will know how much payment your children have received in your account, so you can check your children’s money on the portal of 8171. Children’s money will not be shown separately, but will be shown together with the total payment. 16500 will be Rs. In the same way you can also check your children’s money sitting at home without any problem. Go to Google and write 8171 or just write 8171 then the first portal will show. It will be 8171 under which you can check your money sitting at the children’s house.

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Ineligible Persons:

All such persons who were earlier receiving money under the Benazir Income Support Program but now they have been asked to re-survey, if they do not re-submit their survey, such persons will be disqualified and their payments will also be stopped. will be given.

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In conclusion, the BISP Monthly Payment Release for May 2024 signifies more than just a financial transaction; it embodies a collective effort towards financial security and stability for vulnerable populations in Pakistan. Through proactive measures such as dynamic surveys and PMT evaluations, the government aims to ensure that assistance reaches those who need it most while promoting self-sufficiency and empowerment.

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BISP Monthly Payment Release May 2024

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