BISP Latest Update About Women Payment 2024

BISP Latest Update About Women Payment

I will also bring you to check the news of BISP, which has also been increased by the government. You will also be made a part of the program, how will it be made? After that, they will again be disqualified from the program for three years. Women will not receive any payments from the program again. 10500 will be taken, after that they will not be given a lawyer, women will not be given, so I have told you this in many of my earlier videos, how about all the women who are repeatedly on the 8171 web portal. 

Dynamic Survey Update 

Regarding the dynamic registry, it is said that you should submit your objection in the imam analysis as soon as possible. These women have not yet registered themselves in the dynamic registry and they are thinking that they will be disqualified, then 30 days. After that all such women will be removed from the program and disqualified and will not be able to be a part of the sponsorship program for the next two years, then after two years they will be surveyed and after that they will be part of the program. Whether they will be able to participate or not, there will be no decision, so viewers, in addition to this, I will tell you that now it has been decided to include government employees in the sponsorship program, among them, the salary of government employees is less than 40,000. Yes, all of them will be made a part of their genealogy.

BISP Latest Update About Women Payment
BISP Latest Update About Women Payment

How To Eligible In BISP 

Only on the condition that there is no house or car or anything in the name of the people, only if the salary of the people is less than 40 thousand, then all such people If you can apply for this program, then you should become a part of this program. At the same time, let me tell you that all the guards who are under examination, whether they have been there for a month or a year, now to qualify all of them. It has been decided how long the viewers will be eligible. I have already said about this in my video that now the government will prepare a new budget as soon as that budget is ready, after that the check cards will be issued. Whatever they have will be paid and there are women who have been checked, their account will also be added, and what is in their account will be paid. 

Children Stipends Update 

If your children have been enrolled in the BISP, then the educational scholarships of your children have also come. You have to search on 8171, you have to enter your ID card number there, the code will come, you have to enter that code, then you can find out how many orders have been placed in your account, so viewers can watch such videos in my channel. If you guys have any question, then comment in the comment section. Also, let me tell you that Dynamic Registry is very important for you guys and you guys have to register in Dynamic Registry, but Dynamic Registry. As it is, you will not be able to do it after June 30, only those women who have written enough Qatar backwater to register in the dynamic register, all such women will not be registered in the dynamic register after thirty days. 


They will be able to do it and they will be nailed for two years. The rest of the women from this program are being tested in the dynamic registry or this survey is going on. But those who have it written to them that you should register yourself in the dynamic registry as soon as possible, then it is better to go and get yourself registered in the dynamic registry as soon as possible, so that the money that is Keep getting it for the people and don’t stop the money of the people because now the new transaction from the next government will be worth 13 thousand rupees because before it was 9 million rupees, now it has been increased to 10 billion rupees. If you have gone, what you have is too much, he has written the money, the new four reaction of the people under VISP is 13 thousand rupees. After making the payment, go to your nearest ISP office as soon as possible and register yourself in the dynamic registry.Do it so that you guys remain eligible for this program.

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