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BISP khud Mukhtar Program UpdateBISP khud Mukhtar Program Update

BISP khud Mukhtar Program Update

The Ehsaas Kafalat program, benazir Income Support Program, in which I am giving you very good news. Especially those women who take money from Benazir Kim Support Program, a Newsem Ed has been made for them, so which people will be eligible and which people will be eligible for the Mukhtar Program. What benefits will they get? What things will they get? I am going to share all these things with you. After that, I will also tell you that there are three major new updates regarding the Unpaid Income Support Program. One of the installments is being increased, which is the next date, and at the same time, many of the women who first take money in the Mere Mindan Income Support Program are getting it. OK, this is also a new update, I will tell you which women are going to qualify for this program and what they need if they want to be part of this program. 


I will tell you which people will be eligible and what benefits they will get. Yes, they can join this program. Ladies and gentlemen, those women who take money from the Benazir Income Support Program can join this program. Even if she takes it, then she can go and join this program. Now, what things do they need and which women, which people, who will join this program, what benefits will they get? OK, 

Benefits For People About BISP 

First of all, what I have told you has to happen, after that you will benefit from it, they will make you a business, they will make you a shop, etc. Even if they can take rickshaws etc., they have to do some kind of business and give it to you from which you will get the benefit and what I have told you from the Crete area is that 18 years to 36 years. It is mandatory for women to join this program, and those who are beneficial, it is also their requirement that those women of Benazir Kim Support Program also get money. and then go and add their husband or them in this business or whatever is in independent Pakistan. These BOP retailers can also register it online or you are free. Go to the office of the low support program and tell them that we want to join the independent program. If your requirements, which are documents from 18 years to 36 years, are complete, then you can go and join this program. You can be included, otherwise you will not be included in this program and after that, there are many women who are no longer those who take money for survey and Benazir Kim support program in June and July, they are also from this program. I am going to tell you who are the women who are going to be married. 

Women whose data are not correct 

First of all, those women whose birth forms are not in their names.Women will also be disenrolled from this program and those women who have not registered their Dynamic Resistive by June 30 which they have given the date here may also extend the date but so far they have According to the given date, he has said that those women who do not register themselves will be removed from this program, they will not be able to join this program again, after that, those women who urgently need to get their ID card. Women whose card expires then they say let’s say we have to receive the 2500 ID card, they would have made it urgent, they will also not be included in this program. If they want to make their own passport, if they make their own passport by paying the urgent fee, then they will also be rejected from this program. 

Women who are not able to join BISP 

The women who will pay will not be able to join this program as long as their filer remains active. If the names are false, then they will have to go and re-verify and re-survey after that they will be eligible. What is what is, what is what will be told again. Well, first of all, these women have to take care of these things. You have to take care of it. OK, after what I have told you, I have also told you about the independent Pakistan program, what are your requirements and what are the requirements. You have to think about things and go and register what you have, then what benefit will you get from it. Earlier, this program was run during his time. Now he has restarted it. If you want to be ad in independent Pakistan or want to join any other program, if any brother has any other questions regarding viewer support program, he can ask by commenting below. And whatever information I have regarding the Ehsaas Kafalat program, Benazir Kim support program, I keep uploading it on the same channel and I keep telling you. If any brother wants any information, then he can comment below. InshaAllah, all the comments will be replied to you and women who are not getting their children’s payment can also contact them about the reasons why their children’s payment is not being received. They cut the enrollment interface, after that they will know which child is not their EID, for what reasons they are not EID and why they are not getting money for the children they have. And my request to all the women who have received their first case is to quickly enroll their children in educational scholarships, etc. 

Submit payments

Please go and submit the two installments of the support program so that you will start getting the money that you have in the next one, which is June and July. I told you how much is being increased in the next installment. It is known from the gentlemen that they are also saying that it can be up to 12 thousand but which is 90% confirmed news. It is not confirmed yet, but 90% of those who are confirmed are saying that the new payment of 13500 will start in June and July, and the payment of children will start in May. If it is going to happen, then the next month, which is in May, the children’s payment is starting again, so you have to go and receive it, so I say that the women whose children have any The problem is going on, the children who are not receiving their payment should get out their interface and do their re-verification again so that you can get their payment. With regard to the comment below, it is mandatory to do so, Allah Hafiz is enough for this

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