Mon. May 27th, 2024
BISP Kafalat Program Payment Check By ATMBISP Kafalat Program Payment Check By ATM

BISP Kafalat Program Payment Check By ATM

Some latest and most important updates regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. We will also update regarding the new installment and we are going to inform you with big news about the new short code 1800. Similarly, you will also be told when you will start receiving this installment of 10500 rupees. And yes, we have brought a most important update for those who are not getting money yet, if they do this, inshallah they will also start getting this money. Before moving on.

BISP New Update 

First, Weaver is first going to inform you with a big update that the e-bike launched by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. The scheme under which the students were to be given motorcycles has been completely stopped for now because the court has decided not to give these bikes to the students. Updating you in the same way after sending your ID card to the shortcode of 8800, if you were not getting any authentic information or verification about the intention, then I would update you in this regard as well. Let’s say that free solar plates will be given under the Roshan Gharana scheme, but for now this short code has been blocked because it does not convey any information or eligibility to the people. So don’t send your ID card to 8800 for now, as soon as it is updated or restored or it starts getting eligibility messages, then we will let you know. You will find out, but here we will tell you about BISP that the news about the episode of the sponsorship program was going on on May 13 and now there is fresh news that this episode has been postponed for another week. is not being conducted because this time this case will be conducted under phases.

First Phase Payment Start 

The first phase some districts, some districts of some provinces and then in the second phase the rest of the districts will also be included. In the first phase some people will get payments others.Some people will get payments in the phase, so some new changes are being made, so let us tell you in this regard that there are some districts of Sindh where installments will start from May 13 and some districts from other provinces too. The same reports have been received that this installment will be released within the next two days and many other districts will have to wait for a week. After a week they will start receiving these installments. And the installment of the educational Zayed program will be released at the same time and yes.

Latest Update 

Let’s give you another update regarding BISP that the new chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program Rubina Khalid has also completed BISP. has taken the charge and related news has also come that Raveena Khalid has decided to close the cam sites and run this case from the shops but there is no confirmation yet because she has assumed his position, so soon there can be no authentication in these updates. If they are also correct, then we will update you in the next videos, inshallah. It is necessary for them to do their dynamic survey or go to the nearest ISP office and get the roster update mandatory. Viewers, this is mandatory for all people, so we are telling you for more new updates.

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