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BISP kafalat Program Beneficiary UpdateBISP kafalat Program Beneficiary Update

BISP kafalat Program Beneficiary Update

The news of happiness has come for the regular beneficiaries of the program, now it has been decided to release an aid of Rs 10,500 to all such women who are regular beneficiaries. There will be no continuation of the aid of Rs. 500 but it has been kept in a phase wise way. The districts will remain, which date has he told, I will tell you in today’s video, and to which women, Sir, who will it continue? It will be issued to women who are younger than 35 years of age, but it will not be issued to women who are more than 35 years old, so how true is it? I will share it but before starting the video, as always. DG of Benazir Income Sports Program has made an announcement in which he has given all the details and he has said that all the women who are receiving Samai are regular beneficiaries no matter what. The women’s quota will not be stopped, but all the women who are there will be paid their installments, but you will have to wait a bit to get them. They have been kept in a phased manner. That a date was given and on that date all the regular beneficiaries in Pakistan used to deposit money in their accounts and those who are HBL Connect Shop or Terror Shop to get their money. Yes, she used to go there and receive her 8171 web Portal but this time it is not happening. It has been kept in a phase-wise manner. Now, how is the phase-wise kept? Districts have been added. 

Zero Payment Error Update 

First, there will be celebrations in these districts. Now, let me clarify one thing for you. Let’s listen carefully to those who are included in phase one. There are some women in them. Those whose balance will be zero show means that they would have stayed in the same district which has been announced, but despite that, the accounts they have are showing zero and I am also asking you about why that zero show is happening. Let me tell you that the DG has said that the women who have been placed in phase one and belong to the same district have been sent messages from 8171. In the first phase, these women will be given Rs. Who is going to meet those who have received the message from 8171 that you should receive your installment? Those women who have received the message should go and receive theirs and the women who have not received the message at all. Make a camp seat or don’t go to a retailer shopper because their account has not been credited yet. I will also tell you how much will be credited to their account from June to June. will start to be credited to their account, so let’s talk first, first I am telling who are the women. There are different districts, a total of 18 districts have been mentioned in Punjab. Yes, in exactly 18 districts, what kind of business is being done. Today is Monday, May 20, and on May 20, there are 18 districts of Punjab. 22 districts are in KPK and The districts of Sindh are the whole of Karachi, meaning Karachi, East Karachi, Karachi Paste, Karachi Kamiari, followed by Malir, followed by Hyderabad. Check your inbox if the message has been received, then you can also go and receive your installment from May. There are 18 districts of Punjab. Tafsir I have told you that there are 22 districts of KPK. The description is a little long. 

How To Check Verification 

It is important to note that we must check our Verification whether you have been infected by an 80-diameter or not. Well, how will you get it? That campchats have been created, now you will be scanned first, this time there is no need to push and sell what you have, you will be scanned, after scanning you will be given a token, then your amount will be checked there. If your amount has been added, then you will be poor, otherwise you will have to return from there. There are many families whose numbers are not registered there, so what they have to do is that those who have not received the message or whose number is not registered in Benazir Kafalat or any kind of notification from 8171. If you do not receive it, then you have not visited any campsite before June. You have not visited any HBL shop. It will start normally the rest of the time,Ah, but from June 4th, 5th or 7th, you can go to any campsites, go to any retailer shop, and you can receive your card for those who have not received the message or those who have not registered their numbers. If yes, you may have BB, if the message does not come, you have to check with your sources from any detailer shop or the campsites they have made in their first week, because they have installed these campsites in different cities. So, where are they installed, they can be placed in the government emirates, they will be in schools or in another government building, they will make their own system, but you have to find out a little from your sources, if I have any sources. God willing, if I have any connection in the city, then I will find out from there and tell you people, in which city in which place these campsites are installed, and you can go there and receive what you have, so this was it. 

Latest News

The news of great happiness from Mir Zir Kafalat, many people were also spreading rumors that women of gham age will get what has been for 35 years and if women over 35 years of age will not get this patrol. Here let me tell you people that there is no chain of 35 years or more than 35 years, there is no cycle, there are only rumors to women who have received messages, whether they are 18 years old, whether they are 22 years old, whether they are 60 years old. 35 years old, how has the amount been deposited in their account, the age determination of 35 or more is completely wrong, these are just rumors, those who have received messages have deposited money in their accounts and their control. We have not received the money in his account yet, from June the money will be transferred to his account and he can also receive his cases.

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