Bisp Janch Partal Update 2024

Bisp Janch Partal Update

The people who are being checked do not need to be re-surveyed nor do they need to go to any place. Inshallah, we will inform you in September or that you are important and that you cannot take the benefit, the problem of health check-ups has been solved and you will start receiving money from September. And such people who want to do the survey but the date is over, how can their problem be solved and they are not getting a place. The rush to do their survey is very high, so what should they do now? Rs. 10,500. The previous one of many people has also been saved, now they want to withdraw now, will they also get money, I will give you the full details.

Bisp Eligibility Under Examination 

You can get the true and authentic news regarding money . Here is the latest news of that time. It has happened that all the people who were under examination for one year are under examination now. They were worried that when their problem will be solved, no one is telling you how long your problem will be solved and you will be eligible. There were a large number of people who were suffering from more problems, so now your problem has been solved, otherwise you do not need to conduct a survey, the kind of survey you have conducted, your registration is done, now you want to The check is going on, the message is also being checked, the charge is being shown on the portal, so there is no need for such people to do a new survey again, the government of Pakistan will qualify you in the month of September. On the fifth date of the tea, those who are eligible should become eligible.

Bisp Janch Partal Update
Bisp Janch Partal Update

Poverty Scores Update 

Those whose poverty score will be very high will then go to the list of ineligible people. Currently, there are still a lot of districts for the third batsmen, in which payment has not started, there are also those of Punjab, Sindh are also included, some districts of KPK are also included, where payment has not yet started, Lahore. There are many small and big cities where payment has not yet started in the same way, in Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan Rajanpur, payment has not yet started in some cities, so let us tell them that your payment will also start. You will have to wait a bit. There are some people from Faisalabad who have not received the payment yet, so they will also get the payment. Who will get the payment? No, it is not like that at all. Not only will the second bat continue, but the third bat will also start. After that your payment will start getting up and it will be received from the camp on July 1st your payment will be shown on your portal and you can check your money under 8171 pram and  under 8171 portal.

How To Check Payment 

There is no need to give money to anyone sitting at home. Your money will be checked. Now they also want to conduct a new survey. Some people know that our survey should be done before the 30th. So what is your date? If you don’t go to rest before 30th, will you get another chance? The effort from the government is still going on. Looking at the intensity of the heat, add one more month. It is being shown that one month will pass, if you should also try, there are few days left, you should also get your survey done so that the money is not stopped. Yes, the payment is being received from the camp side, you can also take your ID card, if you are eligible, you are from regular benefit, then go and make your payment.

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