Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
BISP Janch Partal New UpdateBISP Janch Partal New Update

BISP Janch Partal New Update

The women who could not complete their registration till June 30 in the Benazir Income Support program, now the Benazir Income Support program is preparing to give them some relief, should they register now? Can or can’t do it because June 30 is the deadline. Now what announcement has been made by the sponsorship program, has anything been confirmed or not, I will tell you about it because the news is also coming from that Program.

Who Don’t Registered In BISP 

The women who could not register in the program have been given more time. How many more days are there until they can go and complete their registration or was it up to June 30? I will tell people what kind of news is coming. Yes, you people received a message from 8171. Notification was issued that before June 30, all such women who are regular beneficiaries and have completed their three years or more than three years. You already know all the information you need to complete your survey before June 30. Many women completed their survey, but many There were a large number of people who did not complete their survey due to some reason, it was not their turn or they did not take it seriously or they did not do the survey on purpose. If such women are now going to be eligible, they will not be eligible.

BISP Janch Partal New Update
BISP Janch Partal New Update

Dynamic Survey Date Update 

Dynamic Survey date has been extended or not. Because there are many groups in it, I have also read this post, and there are other posts on social media that the Kapalat program people have increased the fee and the date from them. Yes, they can complete their survey. The women who were left have been given more time for so many days. They should go there and go to the registration center and get their survey done. It has been extended by 15 days, meaning that the deadline was June 30, but it has been extended to July 15. Up to July 15, take your survey, which is a dynamic registration data update, which means that regular women should go by July 15. You can do your registration again, it has been described for 15 more days, this news is running, its posts are also posted, it is also posted in groups, it is also posted on social media, which means Facebook. Also, you will see such posts that until July 15, who are you spreading this news to? What we have is that the fee June deadline was the fee June which has passed, so the registration dynamic registration is still going on. It was clarified that if you had done the survey before them, then in which category you would have been placed. Now June 30 has passed, now if you go and do the survey, the survey will be completely dynamic registration. I will do it, but you will be registered like normal people, you will not be registered like special regular manifestations. 

Janch Partal Date Extended 

Those who did it before June 30 will be like this. Those who will do it after June 30 will be like this. The date of dynamic registration of regular beneficiaries is now viral until July 15, so any final announcement from the government. Yes, that didn’t happen. These people have done my best for me. I have a grave. If it is not attached to the women, yes, they are left. If they want to re-register, they can do it, but they will do it like normal people, meaning those who take the survey for the first time will be like this. Your life will be checked then how many months, six months, a year and a half year, you will have to stay here, then you will know whether you are eligible or not, then on July 15th. Regarding this information I had, I thought I would share it with you people because many people ask that June 30 has already passed.

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