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BISP Himat  Card Online ApplyBISP Himat  Card Online Apply

BISP Himat  Card Online Apply

After 15th to 20th July we will start again giving money to new people then you will start receiving your family members. Once again enrollment is being started again by the government and through this BISP program payments have also been started and these grants are now starting again from 20th July. As you have heard in this clip, Naveed, who is private and a very good person, has also conducted a live session with people, in which he has received calls and received calls from people. He gave a very good answer and said that there are a lot of beneficiaries whose incomes are stopped here or they cannot be paid on time, so we have made a separate section for such women. 

PMT Score Update 

A system has been created and those who are ineligible have been in the past or those who were under investigation and their problem could not be solved, then we advised them to update this survey so that you will update the survey. So we will look at what you have and now according to the update, there is a very good program that has been created and that is for women who have not been able to pay BISP. The message of 8171 also came and they went to the center, they did not get the payment or their payment was stopped due to some other problem or their payment was stopped due to the survey, so now their payments are is being done from July 20 and the purpose of doing it from July 20 is that first there are other people who were still eligible in the BSP program and were PM’s who did not have any issue then they Payments have been made through the campsite. Nationwide payments have all the people received money here. Now this is a very good hope for you guys that from 20 stitches you people are getting money here and that’s it. There are also some updates regarding the Himat Card which is attached to it. 

New Himat Card Program Updates 

Here, the Minister of Punjab, that is, the Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz, who had started some programs here in Punjab, one of them was Himmat Kar. Now Hamat card is also being made, many friends were asking that we did not get the Hamat card, so we did not get money from the Hamat card, so what is the solution? Yes, it is not for all people, it is only for the special family, the government has started it for them, so the special family will be eligible for this program and they will be eligible for this program. Guards It will be made Courage Guard will not be available to all families. But he is also eligible for a Himat card. Now the eligibility of a Himat card is that any person who comes in your house who is disabled and has a V-chair ID card, then the government can make him a Himat card. And within the government jobs they have here, the government quota is being given to them.

BISP Himat  Card Online Apply
BISP Himat  Card Online Apply

Himmat card Update 

They will also get the money they have from the government through Himmat card and it will be given to them through Himmatkar about Rs. When you go to the office, your online dynamic registry is done there and you get money from it, but the criteria is different, in a way that what is the office of the treasury here, you get there. You will have to go there and if you need to fill the certificate, they will tell you that you will have a medical and the certificate will be made and given, but if the ID card of your wheelchair is not made, then the government would make it easy for you. And for this, the people of Baitul-Mal also make your certificate and your labor card is also made, after that you will be given the courage by the Punjab government, in which you will be included. will get four thousand rupees

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