BISP GOOD NEWS FOR | Ehsaas 10500 Payment Update 2024

Ehsaas 10500 Payment Update 

I will tell you what eligible women should do, how they can receive the 10500 feet and also the stipends for their children. How can you receive it? After that, when will the installment of the women who are under investigation come and which women will get this money? When will the case of all the women whose money has been blocked come and how will they get it?

Ehsaas program brought welcome news 

In 2024, the Ehsaas program brought welcome news to beneficiaries with the announcement of a significant update. The much-anticipated increase in the Ehsaas stipend to 10,500 rupees per month under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) was met with widespread relief and gratitude. This boost in financial assistance promises to alleviate economic burdens and improve the quality of life for millions of deserving individuals across Pakistan. With this update, the government continues its commitment to social welfare and poverty alleviation, striving to create a more equitable society where every citizen can thrive.

Good news for all women

 A great news for all the women who were newly settled and who do not receive the payment of the support program, how can they get the money now? First of all, what should they do? Let me tell you the method by which you can get this payment again, your payment can be restored and you will start getting the installments of 10,500 and the children’s allowances.

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How to check BISP Payment

What you have to do first is to check your ID card on 8171 photos after checking your ID card if you got nailed in 2023 or earlier then you did the survey again. What has to be done now is that your teams are sitting in your area who are conducting surveys, which are your utility stores, where you can get the deal on the cheap and subsidized real program, you have to go to that utility store. But the counters have been set up and your survey is being done there. Well, you have to conduct the survey and all the new women are being qualified as soon as possible to have their children. Take the form with you, take the electricity bill, after that, your photo, a photocopy of your husband’s identity card and a mobile number. So it will be women and many other women who are sending messages to me that bro, as many women are tested, they will get less payment. You will have to wait until that time. Well, you will not get payment until that time. As many women are checking their lives repeatedly, they are commenting and sending sms to the women who are checking their lives. When the payment will be received, then I inform all these women that your payment, which will come in the next month of June and July, will qualify you for what you have and you will receive your payment. 

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BISP Payment stop due 938

How many women who have checked their payment in 938 were regular manifest before but now when they checked their payment they were told that your payment has been blocked now how did they get the payment? Whether they will get payment or not, I am also telling you that as many women as are in 938, there is great news for all these women, you don’t need to worry, the special will be transferred to the office and A call will be made that you receive the payment of your eye which is ok after that you will be renewed from this program this will be your last and last installment as well as women if you have registered your children incorrectly. has been done or you have made any mistake when you registered, that is why you have been placed in 938. If it was correct, then you will get the payment, otherwise you will get the same amount as you are getting, after that, what you have will be dissolved, so all the women were repeatedly messaging that brother, put us in 938. given we have been blocked will we get payment or not who will get it then you must get it ok after that if you have done your dynamic survey then next you will get payment if you have done dynamic registry If I don’t sleep, then you will not get the payment, your payment will be blocked forever, so all the women who used to send this message again and again, this is an important message for all the women and as soon as you can. Go and get yourself registered if you are a part of the invisible income support program. They want to take the money continuously.

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BISP Zero balance issues

Now, not enough women’s children have been paid and the issue that is going on for a lot of women is the zero issue. Zero balance of women The issue is ongoing first of all let me inform them what they should do now first of all you go to 8171 portal search your id card there check your status test to see what your status is It is fine if they are telling you that what you have is already taken and your next survey is on this date, then it is mandatory to conduct the survey again. It will not come as soon as there is a zero balance issue and after that if you have children. All these women whose children have not been made without form have been canceled and their balance has been reduced to zero.

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