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BISP 10500BISP 10500

BISP Final Phase 10500 Payment Update

The pure program of ineligibility, many have started from 10500 cases.People have this question, brother, is this a new version of 10500 rupees or is it the third stage of Aaliya, so let’s make it clear to you.There is no other episode yet. Before Dunya Ki, you were given this case in two stages in which different jurisdictions, were included and now such districts which were not included in these two phases should be given installments under this third and final phase.This third and final phase has been officially launched from today, under which the sponsorship program and educational The installments of the scholarship program are being credited to the accounts of all the beneficiaries, so all those who are in the first two stages. They should wait for their new episode because the new case has not been released yet. It is being released under Banifisheries and the final stage, so that you don’t miss out on listening to the new episode.If all the people go to their nearest centers and turn to home sites, it is not like this ,The courts have also told that the courts in which this case is ongoing and those courts are part of this final stage.Also, let us tell you that this is the last stage, after which the installments will be given to the previous beneficiaries as well.

New Bank System Payment Update 

But in this regard, you have to wait for another month and a half.From the 15th of the month, you are starting to receive installments of this sponsorship program and educational program from the bank ATM.It should be remembered that until now one of the machines of Bank Al Fidah and Habib Bank has been opened for Benazir Income Support Program payments ,will be done and by the next installments the new banking system will also be launched to some extent and if the new banking system is complete, If the loan is withdrawn, the subsequent installments will be issued under six more new banks and It is obvious that you will be able to receive these payments very easily from the ATM machines of these banks.All the people are also asking whether there will be three to four banks in one district or one bank in each district.So let’s clear you in this regard that there will be only one bank in a district before we also give you a list.In which you check the new bank under the new banking system regarding the BASP applications of your district.Can and these new banks include easy paisa and legitimate cash core banks namely Telenor Macro Finance Bank. And Mobilink Microfinance Bank is also becoming a part of this program and under them also provided these payments to you.If you also want to get the list of this new banking system of your district.You will receive important and latest information about aid programs in a timely manner. Good viewers move towards important topics.

Benazir Talemi Wazaif

BISP Final Phase 10500 Payment Update
BISP Final Phase 10500 Payment Update

Dynamic Survey Date Extended 

Let’s tell you, many people are repeatedly asking whether you ever tell us about conducting a dynamics survey.If you say not to conduct a dynamics survey, see, these are almost questions of people who do not listen to the information completely because We have always been telling in our videos that all such people who have been taking money for the last two or three years And such people who are being told on the Karachi web portal that they should go to the nearest office and conduct a survey, then all such people. Therefore, the survey is mandatory, they should not read it carelessly in any case, they should get their survey done as soon as possible If they have been a part of this program in the last six months, then such a Qatar web portal must be telling them that your dynamic ,Enrolled in the register may just be informing them of eligibility in the sponsorship program and the dynamic .If there is no reference to the survey, then there is no need to conduct the survey for all such people, so if you have also considered it.

Last Words

You must have understood which people should do the survey and those who should not.The kind of families that are being completely disqualified from this program .The people who have done the dynamic survey and the dynamic. After conducting the survey, if their PMT score has increased, then such people will also be excluded from this program for another two years. It has been done, similarly, in the second place, such people, such women, such families, who are no longer doing their dynamic survey. Some people are not doing it because of the fear that we might not be disqualified, so all such people should also be allowed to do it at the end of this month.

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