Good News BISP Dynamic Survey 2024 | Benazir Income Support Program:

BISP Dynamic Survey:

BISP is moving towards a dynamic registry. As a first step, Benazir Registration Desks have been established at the tehsil level to cater to missed-out  as well as to update missing information of surveyed.

BISP Dynamic Survey 2024 Registration:

Survey Eligibility Status: The citizen can check their survey and eligibility status through:-

Upon your visit, following operations will be performed at the Benazir Registration Center:

Enter the centre and queue at the information desk. Priority will be given to Differently Abled Persons, Pregnant Women, and Senior Citizens. At your turn provide your CNIC or CNIC of any member of your family. In case you have a Benazir Kfalat programme related letter received, please share it with the screening officer.

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CNIC Screening Process:

If already Surveyed and need to perform roaster update will be issued Token for Roaster
Update. If not surveyed yet will be issued a token for New Survey. If a Kfalat programme eligibility letter is received and asked for CNIC update, you will be moved to the priority counter to provide CNIC of ever-married female. d) Move to the next counter called ‘Data entry Desk/Counter’ and wait for your turn as per token number issued. At the data entry desk provide your CNIC, Household member’s CNIC and B Form of all children in your family. (All CNICs should be updated as per your current status in NADRA e.g. marital status, widow status, or disability etc). At the data entry desk you will be asked questions for registration by the Data Entry Officer (DEO) regarding your household members’ details, education, health, assets, income etc. Provide true answers of all questions properly. If needed, ask DEO to explain the question in detail. Make sure that you have provided the correct and active mobile number. After completion of the survey keep your ‘Token Receipt’ with you and leave the centre.

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BISP Dynamic Survey

After Completion The Survey:

a) You will receive Survey confirmation SMS from 8171 on your given Mobile Number
b) You may also receive a letter regarding BISP Kifalat Programme (if found eligible)
c) You may check your eligibility status online on
d) Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest BISP Tehsil Office/BRC and meet the Assistant Director or relevant BISP Officer and submit your ‘Application’ to know about your eligibility status.

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The implementation of the BISP Dynamic Survey 2024 marks a significant step towards ensuring that all eligible citizens have access to the benefits of the Benazir Income Support Program. By establishing Benazir Registration Desks at the tehsil level and offering multiple channels for citizens to check their survey and eligibility status, the program aims to reach those who may have been missed out previously and to update any missing information.

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