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BISP Dynamic Survey Rostar updateBISP Dynamic Survey Rostar update

BISP Dynamic Survey Rostar update

I will tell you that women who go to the office of the Independent Income Support Program and do their dynamic survey, they become eligible. How to update the roster, how can they join this program again or will it be discussed with a friend, apart from the new episode, there are many women who have been taken away from this program? Whether they will get money or not, there were many women’s comments regarding the Nihbaan program.

Women Registered Themselves In Dynamic Survey 

Women are registering themselves in the dynamic registry whether they are not old women who are new women who register and they are immediately nullified. One is that they have fewer family members. Her PMT score is high, moreover, what she has is canceled immediately. Now how will she qualify? I will tell you further. Also, as many women are doing their surveys again, earlier those women used to take money regardless of the income support program, but now they have again registered themselves in the dynamic register, so some women have been put under scrutiny and some women It has been canceled immediately, so how will they be eligible in this, how will they be eligible now, I will tell you this. 

Roster Update 

First of all, you know that the roster update, which is mandatory, has been done by as many women as possible. Those women who have done their survey before have not received payment even once, but every time they do their survey, they are canceled immediately. They should update their resume if you If the children’s forms are not completed or if your family members are coming, then you will be denied because of this, so if your children do not have their forms, then it is okay to prepare their forms first. After that, if the ID card you have in your name is not in your husband’s name, then get it updated too, link your name with his name, as you know, the merit card is created. The merit card has been made, after that the new women who want to go and get their survey done in this way so that they can join this program, many women go there, there is any problem in their card or their children are not born. 

Some Women Rejected In Dynamic Survey 

As soon as they do their survey, they are immediately rejected, so all the new women who go, I request them to first fill out the documents that I am telling them to complete. After that, go to the Benazir Income Support Program office and do your dynamic registration, then you will be able to join this program, otherwise you will not be placed in this program, you will be canceled immediately. She used to take money for the support program, but when she was registered in the dynamic registry, she was denied the next case, the June-July case, after the budget, she will not get it. The payment is here, it will be mandatory. Sorry, it will be mandatory. All the women who have been involved in the dynamic will continue to receive the payment for their children. If you haven’t registered, take a nap as soon as possible. You can go to them and get them for child education and inshallah the payment of your children will continue. You will be removed from this program for one or two years and then you will not get this money, only the children’s payment will be received. Or your family member, if your sister is taking money, she has not yet registered her dynamic register, take her with you and tell her that I have left this program, then you will join our family from now on. Join the family and your PM score will be low. 

How To Apply in Nigehbaan Program 

First, make it mandatory to update them too. If you have not become a non-former, then become a non-former and then update it and make it mandatory. Again, they cannot enter. Well, now there were messages from many women and many people asking how we should apply for the Bhai Nigehbaan card program, what the procedure is, and in which province this program has been started. I confirm to you that this is only the Fall Nibhana card program in Punjab, it is not available in any other province, so now how should it be entered, how should you apply for it. Now, first of all, they have divided the Nigehbaan card program into three categories, which is the first category. They have opened it. They have also given the link for this in Baitul-Mal, as you know in Baitul-Mal, if you apply online, there are four categories in which you can apply if your children go to school. And they cannot afford their up-fees etc., so they have also given an option in Baitul-Mal that if you want to get scholarships for education, you can apply for it here. 

How to apply Baitul-mal program 

After that, if you want to get a donation for a married marriage, your child is sitting at home and you can’t marry her. If you can marry a girl, they have also given an option that you have to click on this option, after that you have to write their complete details for registration, so you send them through the application. It has to be done, OK, then you would have joined this program, besides, if you are a laborer, they have kept a special quota for laborers, their category is also included in it, so they have added one more category of four categories. This Bait-ul-Mal has been distributed, but what is in your Nahbaan card, you can apply it in your Android mobile, which is the link of the app, which I have given in the description for the video below. In this family, I will give the link to it, go to it and open it. After opening, some interfaces will be shown in front of you. First of all, you have to register there. The option you have will be opened, but you have to write your complete details there, after that you have to save it, then you have to go to next, then you have to select the category you have. How much is your income? How much do you earn? How much is your parents’ income? You have to write the complete details there and fill the form you have and send it to them. They can apply after that they have to get some data through social welfare. The link will be available soon Inshallah, after that the women of Benazir Income Support Program who take money will also get this.

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