BISP Dynamic Survey Online New Update 2024

BISP Dynamic Survey Online New Update

I will tell you about the women who got their Dynamic Suite now. How will you know if they are eligible for this program or not? I am going to share it with Ajup. Also, women who take Benazir Income Support Program money can find out their wife after their dynamic registry.

BISP Dynamic Survey Update 

First of all, let me tell you that as many women as you are, they have enrolled some women in the support program. So she can check her money through 8171. As many new women join this program, if they want to check their status, then do this. What should be done is 81 by searching in the hotel, you can find out what your ID card is there, what is its capacity, OK, the way to find out, I have told you, 81 71 total, when you open your card, then all First, you will have two options. Ok, the top option will be ID card. Here, there is a board below it. The code has been added to the box below. How do you add it? I have to do this also, I will tell you that code is inside the same image. That code has to work from there or you have to write it in the box below and click on it. It has to be done and your status will be shown. 

Check Status By Helpline Number 

Ok, if there was a show on your side last year, then you can enter your status by calling 26477 on their helpline number 08. You can ask, now there are many women who want to check their status after registration, how to check their wife, if they don’t have android mobile then what can they do, I also tell them that First of all, if you have a simple mobile, which is the helpline number that I have told you, you can call this helpline number from Monday to Saturday, but also on Saturday, because it is open until Friday. You can find out who your setter is by calling. Well, you know how to do it. After that, you have to call Simple Mobile. If you don’t have Simple Mobile Android Mobile, then it’s okay if you After getting your suite, you can ask them about your status on the next day. You have to call the helpline number. Yes, if the male servant also has this status, he can also call this number and tell them that this is my wife and what I have on this ID card is what I have on the ID card. I want to check the status. 

BISP Latest Update 

Increased Financial Support:The government announced a 25% increase in financial aid for families enrolled in BISP [Benazir Income Support Programme].

Mobile Registration Vans : BISP introduced mobile registration vans to facilitate enrollment in the program for those who may have difficulty reaching BISP offices.

How To Join BISP After Dynamic Survey 

Ok, if you have joined this program, they will tell you that you have joined this program and you will get all the next ones. Ok, if you join this program. If not, then they will tell you that you have become new from this program. Your support here was also high, so what you have from this program is NAB. They can get their status checked in this way. Now the old women who take money from Benazir’s weak program, how will they check the prestrat. If you do, you will be shown the amount there and below in the right color it is told that your dynamic registration has been paid to these people. What is your method of whether we will get the next episode or not? 

Method To Join BISP 

What is the method that lets you know that you are not included in this program or not? 8171 is right on the website.There, you have to check the ID card of your husband. If he is under verification, then you have to take something on the same helpline number to see if we will get what we have or not on that day. Women whose ID card goes to the bridge hospital then there is a prophetic percent chance that their wife will get the next one. If your family’s ID card is confiscated, then you will not get this payment, then if you want to get the survey done, then you can go and get it done. If the payment is stopped, then if the second woman whose husband has died is a widow, I will check her status after the Adamic survey and let her know about her children. 

Check Children Stipends 

Check the form number of any child who has this form number on 81 71, if the status is L, then you will get the payment next if you are registered there. If so, then you will not get the next version. It is fine. I told this to the old beneficiary and I told anyone how you can check your status and also on 81 71. There is a lot of mess going on. It is fine. You have also said the helpline number. If you have been denied there, then you must call the helpline number for your satisfaction. It is possible that those who are involved in this program are distributed in the Zawar education program. Now, the banner has also been hung on the schools. There is a jewel claim in this, if your daughter has not been registered, first of all, you have to submit your admissions to the government school, the government school has to say that the data we have is that you are a male, it is mandatory in your name. 

Open Bank Account Method 

Poor women can’t open an account. You know that men can go and open their own account at any time, so I want as many men as possible to open an account in their name. Make the data open so that they do not have to face any problems later, then as many women as your children study in the government school from the sixth to the tenth class, now you are included in this program. It may be right, you have said, Mr. Head, that this is our data, send it to them. The program that has been started by the government, which is your education department, sends it to them so that we can use it. If you can join what is in the program, then you can also benefit from this program. Well, if anyone wants to give any information to a brother, less than giving support programs or wants to check his money etc., get the interface. If you need any information regarding children, if you can get your children or their status, then this helpline number that I have told you is the one for you which is 100%. Whether you have ready mobile or not, you can check your status with any mobile app

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