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BISP Dynamic Survey last Date updateBISP Dynamic Survey last Date update

BISP Dynamic Survey last Date update

Benazir Income Support Program, in which I will tell you that the last date is in June. It was given by the government that if you do not conduct your survey by June 30, your money will be stopped. About 90 percent of them are women who are getting results in the dynamic survey. You take children’s money. I have come with great news for all these women. There is a new type that is starting. When did it start? How much money and which women will get all these things?

Women Who Not Received BISP Payment 

Those who were worried, those who take the money from the Benazir Income Support Program, especially those women, should listen carefully to the fact that you were given the last date of June 30, that if you have completed your survey by June 30, then you will be eligible for this program. If you don’t complete your survey by June 30, you will be disqualified from this program and then you will not be eligible for this program again for two years. But before that, let me tell you that almost 90% of the women or poor and poor people who have registered with Dynamic Registry, which used to take money, have been tapped from this program, just like you in Karachi. You will check your family’s ID card or your child’s baby number on the 8171 portal, then you will be told that you are not eligible for this program, or you can also call their helpline number. What is the status? They can ask them whether we have registered ourselves in the dynamic register, whether we are eligible for this program or not. Well, they will tell you, but many poor women are excluded from this program. It has been done. Only those women who have three to four children and have BISP  should register themselves in the dynamic registry. The same women who have two children and one child is childless should register themselves in the dynamic registry. Do not go to the Benazir Income Support Program office to register yourself, because as soon as you do your biometrics there, on the other hand, your money will be stopped and you will be expelled from the program. 

Good news Dynamic Survey Last Date Update 

There is also a very good news for you that all the women who were worried that if we do not get our survey done by June 30, our money will be stopped, so we want to register ourselves in the dynamic register, so all these This is great news for women because From the side of the government, what I told you earlier, from the side of the government, what I have come to know from the source is that the date will be extended, instead of June 30, now you have the date till October 1. The date has been extended. Those women who have not yet registered should wait. The date may be extended even more than what is there because they have to take a nap. If you do not get a smear, you will be rejected. When you do the survey, then they will reject you, so now they have extended it from June 23 to October 1, so as many women as possible. If they want to take the installment in June, they will also get the June installment, which is receiving money for the children in May, they will also get it and after that you have conducted the survey, if your PMT score is increased then you will not be able to join this program. 

Women Who Done Dynamic Survey 

Women who have not done their dynamic survey yet should wait. Women who have four or five children should go and get it done. There are new new policies from the government, they are coming forward, so till then I say wait, from whom will you get the June ones, after that you will get the new installment too. Like, receive all the installments that you are getting, if you will enroll in a dynamic register, then your money will be stopped, so I want those of you who have less children to go. Don’t register yourself. These women are not children and they are getting money. I request them not to visit the Benazir Income Support Program. If you do, the money you have will be closed, so this information was first given by me and secondly, the money of many women who have children has been deposited in their accounts as soon as possible. Coins are starting in May. Children’s 8171. If you have not yet received your previous money. Children who came a few days before Eid should go and collect their money. Whatever it is, it will go to the camp side. You must have checked the details. InshAllah, those who are giving you the next case now, we will give it at the camp side. Well, camp side means the same way you used to get money before, in a ground in your school, and also in your hospital. Can also be found in union council limits where governments have their grounds etc. they can ask you to distribute the money ok there at the same place which belongs to your idstick other retailers .

Women Face Difficulty During Dynamic Survey 

Three or four camps will be made that something will happen at this place, something at that place, where they have to see that what is here, the people could have gathered at one place, the Union Council could have gathered at one place. A camp will be made there, another camp will be made in another place, three or four camps will be made in the whole district, so many women will have to face difficulties. It is said that if the house and the time ends, then there are many difficulties on the camp side, so I say that as many women as you still have the last guest, they should receive them as soon as possible and Those who have children should also receive money as soon as possible so that when your installments are collected, then you may have to face a lot of difficulties. So they humiliate you a lot on the camp side, so as soon as possible, those who have money should receive it. All the women have received the payment of all these girls and those who are in the Hum Kadam program have also received their payment. They can receive the payment and if any brother needs any information regarding Benazir Income Support Program or any other information you need.

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