BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update 2024

BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update

It can be great news for you that in this regard, the problem of dynamic survey was very much earlier, now this problem of yours is also going to end. Along with these updates, we would like to inform you that the last phase of the Benazir Kafalat program has been started in which Rs.10,500 and the installment of the Kafalat program as well as the educational ZIF program are being released at the same time. Along with this, we will also tell you that the money of three types of women has been stopped from now on, you can also join in it. 

Last Phase Important Update 

First of all let’s share with the most important update that the third and last phase of the current three-monthly installment of the Benazir Kafalat program has been formally started so that these payments will be transferred to the accounts of all people and inshallah tomorrow. This case of sponsorship program and educational aid program will be issued to all the people. It should be remembered that earlier the installments of two phases were released and all the beneficiaries of all the districts included in the two phases have received their installments. Under the third and final stage, only those people who could not get the payments will get the payments, that is, those who are included in the third stage. In the previous video, we shared with you that the entire system is being brought to the 8171 web portal, under which you will be able to check your payments at home without any hassle and from 15th, Benazir Income Support.

BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update
BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update

ATM Restored

ATMs are also being restored for program payments, then you will be able to check your payments from an ATM, inshallah, if you know the procedure for checking money from an ATM or withdrawing money from an ATM. If you want to know the procedure, write ATM in the comment section now so that we can tell you the complete procedure in the next videos. What is the last date of the dynamic survey? Then, regarding the dynamic survey, first you were hearing that the dynamic survey is going on until June 30, after which the dynamic survey will be closed and all the people who have previously submitted their dynamic survey. If they could not do the survey, they will be disqualified, so nothing happened. June 30 has already passed and then they were asked to do the Benamic survey by July 5. They have been receiving money for three or four years, they will have to undergo an up-dynamic survey, but the last date of the up-dynamic survey has been extended to August 31, so this has just been received from reliable sources and confirmed.

Dynamic Survey Date Extended 

We will confirm you but you will be negligent while keeping. It is better that you get your dynamic survey done as soon as possible but this is especially for those who have been taking money for the last two to three four years or Then you can also say that those who are being told on the web portal that you should go to your nearest office and get your dynamics survey done, then let them know that the money of three types of women should be stopped completely. In which the first number are those women who have done their dynamic survey and because of dynamic survey their PMT proximity has increased, they are also completely disqualified for two years. They will be re-surveyed after 2026 and it will be seen in this survey whether they are eligible or ineligible. 

Who Done Dynamic Survey 

Women who have done their dynamic survey but waited for their wrong information, all such women are still not being made a part of this program because their dynamic survey was not acceptable. If there are those who do not do their dynamic survey before the given date, then all such women should also remember that as soon as the women mentioned above are disqualified, they will also receive this message from 81 Qatar and immediately. Their money should be stopped and before that many women have received these messages that you have been nailed from this program and now your money will not come, so the real purpose of this is that when you are new Then you don’t get any kind of help until you.

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