Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
BISP Dynamic Survey Date New UpdateBISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update

BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update

Whose distribution of 10500 rupees is your choice and the third phase has started, now the big problem is that which is the last date of the survey. What is the previous date that we were going to give you is already over. Now what is the new date. How long can we conduct the survey that the portal of 8171 has also been completely updated. How can you get your money on the portal within 8171 You can check that those who have registered for dynamic survey, when will their money come and complaints from people are also being received from all over Pakistan. 

Third Phase Payment Update 

The latest update of BSP is here. The third Phase of Rs. 10500 has been started. People are receiving ready payment till today. Benazir Income Support Program. The details of the payments of 10,500 rupees up to three o’clock in the second half of the month of April, Tajul, are as follows: in the first, second and third death payments, more than 61 lakh beneficiaries have received money, more than 58 billion rupees have been distributed up to 62 percent of the people. have received the money, while 38 percent of the people who will receive the money are still living, the payment of the third neighborhood is continuing from the camp side, a large number of people are receiving the payment, but they are receiving it by pushing and shoving, the big question of you people is this It is also true that those of us who used to receive payment from the shopkeepers were treated with respect, of course they used to deduct, but here there is no shortage. If you don’t have it, let us tell you that there is good news for you.

BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update
BISP Dynamic Survey Date New Update

Campsite BISP Payment Update 

Different teams of Benazir Income Support will check and bring those responsible for the deduction to justice. Teams are leaving from Gul and different camps. Check on the site that the women who will be cut off will have their device confiscated in public on the spot by Income Support Gram staff and her name will be noted down and she will be prosecuted. Even if the money is deducted by him, then he will get the money back to this woman, but if the full amount is received, the strictness will be increased for the next one week. What is the last date for conducting the survey? People want to conduct the survey because first. Wali, the date has passed, so is there any new date given where we can conduct a survey, then let me tell you that the 30th date given by the government is in the case of taking money from all the people. However, if you complete the survey, then you will get the next value of the next installment, which will be the last guest. Now, no new date has been announced by the government. 

Dynamic Survey Last Date New Update 

The previous date has already passed, now the date of the new survey is not yet available. You can surf whenever you want, there will be no hindrance. If you qualify after completing the survey, the portal of 8171 has been updated. Those who want to check the payment can do so. Children’s stipend has also been added with your 10,500. It has been added. You can also check your money by entering your ID card and you can also check your children’s money. Type 8171 on Google to check your money there. Get 8171 portal so that you can check your money sitting at home

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