BISP dynamic Registration process 2024

BISP dynamic Registration process

How to do dynamic registration, how your Dynamic Registry will be and I will also tell you that your children I will tell you all the details.

How to Receive Payment 

First of all, I will tell you that from tomorrow, which was the first Eid holiday, the payments will start again from tomorrow. From the call, you can go and collect from the agent, after that those whose children’s allowances have not been received have received the cases of 10500 they can go tomorrow and get their children’s allowances checked. They have not yet paid 10500 rupees, their children must have received the stipends to receive them.

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938 Error Solve 

The 938 is about 80 percent of the women’s 938. You can go and collect your money. It’s fine. If you were working from home for 38 days, then 80 percent of the women who are women have finished and you can receive it. If you haven’t finished, kindly go to the program office and send mail to the program office, then you will enter your mail, then your money will be opened. If it will be opened, then let us tell you how you have to do the importation in China. Your dynamic will be only like this and let us also tell you that there are ineligible people who have reintroduced them. There is no need to go to the office, because if they go to the office again, the office people will not even ask, because the entry must have been done first. We will give you a pile, that is, after one year or two years, only you have to go to the office of our support program, which will also be the office of your district, that is, the office of the bank, that of the super farm. 

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How to Eligible For BISP Program 

You have gone and you have to do it yourself. What should you do first? You have to take a car, i.e. cushion of the card, after that your children have to perform and you have to take an electric fill-up with you. You have to take these things and go first. You have to go there, and first of all you have to take the token, the token will be taken up, then after taking the token, you have to give it to the counter, there is a counter, you have to sit in front of it, the job number will be given to you. will be called in front of the dynamic counter whatever your token will be according to what will happen then whoever will do the dynamic  whichever officer will be sitting will ask you some things you have to tell them in detail Well after that you will be enrolled in dynamic and also the electricity bill up people have to carry 7 when you are enrolled in dynamic meter then after three or four months if you If the score is less than 32, then you go to the examination, if your money is less than 32, then you will go. Yes, after a month or 15 days, it happens. Well, after that, you will know, whatever it is, first of all, the permissible and zong type, then listen to the permissible and punishments.

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You have to go and give the number there, you have to give the valid or zone SIM, like it is sent to the zone SIM, immediately when you do the survey, it goes away immediately. You get a survey. Well, you have to take a Zong or Jez SIM and give it to the number so that you can get a message from 8171 that you have been registered in Dyna. If you come, you will receive a message and soup from 81 Qatar. This is the registration method. I have told you in this video. Don’t go to the office, don’t waste your time, because once the appointment is made, then they tell the date that it will be after one year or two years. Get your dynamic registration done before May so that all the cards applied to May will be paid and those women who are already regular 

Late Date For Survey

Manifestalists who are receiving money should do so before June 30th. First of all, you have to make your objection mandatory in Dynamic. Verification is going on, so make it mandatory. People who won’t do it, women who won’t do it, their money will be stopped after them. If you like my video, then my Like the video, subscribe, comment and if it is new on the channel, then my channel

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