BISP different Program update 2024 | How to Apply For Different ProgramĀ 

BISP different Program update

Your dynamic survey registration procedure has been changed by Govt. If you do it, you will be eligible. If not, then you will not be eligible. Subsidy of diesel petrol, subsidized gas, Benazir Education Wazaib Program, Honorable Sponsorship, Benazir Sponsorship, Aghosh Program, National Program, Cheap Ration Program, Free Ration, Free Atta, Emergency Cat Program, Ibadad Kisan Card, Bahamat Senior Program, Zaib Education Program, Self Empowerment Program, all these programs. Information and updates are going to tell you now but there is only one procedure to join all these programs which I am going to tell you right now.

Important Update About Dynamic Survey 

First of all, I want to tell you how to ensure your training, so remember that if anyone who takes the survey from this drawer, he will not be qualified. He will definitely go to Gahnch Pardal, if he is eligible, that’s right, he will definitely go to Gahnch Pardal. Let me also give a big alarming dangerous update that those who are not doing their survey and also getting money will not get their June Vali case. After receiving the message or letter from Cause 8171 on behalf of the Benazir Income Support Program, visit the registration center at the office of the Benazir Income Support Program or Aizaz Ka Phone Program on the specified date. Households who have not yet been part of the survey can also visit the center and bring with them all the records of the household, including the family registration certificate and identity card number, along with the identity card and especially for disabled persons who have .

Special Person Program Update 

There is a special person card, an identity card with a bull’s-eye copy on it, that person, in addition to the educational records of children, if anyone is divorced and there is a widow, all such certificates as Allah. Excuse me, does anyone have a tip certificate, it must also be taken with you. Like the video. Now let’s tell you some things with the help of which you will be surveyed and you can also be L. On viewer number one, as soon as you are in the office. If you want to reach Benazir Income Support Program and Azad Program, you will go to the registration test in Abid, there are more than one registration desks. Forms and records of the children are to be provided and remember that any woman who wants to have some things about the survey, mobile number because most of our women are not of point and the things that are they have to be done right by you whatever. I will tell you ahead of time that the staff will issue you the update survey token of Naib Durve and many women who are there take this token and think that our survey is done and go back because through this token they are now You have to go to the next counter and you have to be surveyed through the same token. 

Re Survey For Registration 

Go to the registration room survey according to the token number. Viewers. After that the next process is you have to wait. Then the beta entry operator who He will ask questions containing all your economic information, which will be 63 questions, in which the financial conditions of your children, your economic and social conditions, at least 10 people in your family must write if you want to be updated. If you do not have the capacity of 10 people, you must write at least six people. If there are less than six people, there will be people in your household during the survey, then you cannot apply. They said that the chances are very low. If there are two or three people living in your family and half of them are disabled people, then your family has a chance of being 100 percent eligible. After the form is completed, the verification is done and the affidavit is completed. A survey with thumb verification is done earlier in NSCR on your children. After that, families will receive eligibility messages from Qazi Qatar. In order to be eligible, write down what you have as much as possible. We don’t have a washroom. The washrooms are completely alkaline and write down half a sheep. Don’t put big animals. Children’s education must be written that we are giving education to children and our source of livelihood is our livelihood. That is labor and we work day and night. 

self-quantification program Update 

To join the self-quantification program, it is necessary that the household is registered in Benazir Income Support Program or Aizaz Program and the age of the married couple must be between 18 and 35 years. Allama Azim now helpline Barg can do it for the people of Punjab now discuss these updates.Regarding the Himmatgah and Nighaban cards, which are very important updates that we have to deliver so far, first of all, a meeting was held regarding Social Welfare Beit Al-Mal Department under the chairmanship of Maryam Nawaz, in which Maryam Nawaz spoke about the special i.e. disabled persons. In the meeting, there are instructions for compiling the data, the issuance of Nahbaan card for special persons and security card under Baitul Mal, the loan scheme will be given for the people working with labor. If you have not completed your survey and may be ineligible, please go to the nearest office and make sure that you are also registered so that your children’s education scholarships continue to be supported by the government if you are already eligible. For this complete record of your family like new people are getting survey or Nile people are getting visit, you will be surveyed at the same place after that if your score is less than 32 then you will wear if You become eligible in major programs Earn Conditional Cash Transformer then Conditional Cash Transfer Program which has any program Health Program Labor Program Kisan Card Ziyad Card Ration Program Sub City Program Join all of them What do you have to do for this? Remember that the government is working on an update regarding the bank account cold, regarding which you can receive your money sitting at home very soon.

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