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BISP CNIC Holder Male Registration GetsBISP CNIC Holder Male Registration Gets

BISP CNIC Holder Male Registration Gets 

First of all watch here the survey of men has started. And men who are gentlemen can make their own money. Watch the video from the beginning to the end. You will understand and after that I will also tell you. Can you withdraw money from ATM now or not

Women Who Are Disqualified 

You all know that from last many years women are taking money but they don’t know the policies or means of updating which is why from almost 95 98% of the women who were receiving money earlier have been disqualified, their money has been stopped, new surveys are being conducted in their place, and the new survey is including men and women. is also being added and their children’s stipends are also being given to them. Many of the men have become eligible and the amount they have has increased to 20,000, 25,000 and 25,000.How much their money up to thousands of rupees has come and how many friends have done their survey according to my method, they are also eligible and receiving their money and many more. 

Newly Surgery Women Registered In BISP 

Friends who only read and do not act on it, it is not the whole thing, they do not get money, see the proof here, the men in front of you are counting their money and taking it all, and they have conducted a new survey. And immediately after doing the new survey they are eligible and they are counting their money in front of you and receiving their money through the devices in the same way as other women who are theirs. receiving the money, I am showing this proof in front of you, right, you are getting this money through the devices of HBL and Bank Al-Falah and the installments of many who are such criminals who registered. They didn’t know about it, but now they have checked, so the two stories they have are already in their account, so they are getting two episodes and you can see them here. 

Counter Open For Registration 

Counters have also been set up above the first utility store for registration. Even now those counters are there. Registration can also be done from there who are ineligible persons, under examination or new persons and people who are already taking money. If their money is not closed yet and they have not done the survey, then after June 30, they will see for themselves that the money they have will be closed, the main reason is that they do not do the survey. In their place, see here there are lines of men who are getting their survey done and getting qualified and receiving their money. In many videos, I have told you how to register. How to send such a man or woman from the house you have to send to the service center and there is no vehicle registered in his name car motorcycle and no land in his name or in his name. If there is a bank account, if there is money in it, if it is already used, then that person will take his original identity card, if he has children, then he will take the children’s bay form and register there, then he will get 100 percent of the You will get money. The questions that are asked to you are how much land you have. If you tell them, I have 15 20 acres of land, I have 15 20 animals and everything that I have. If there is, then how will they qualify you? 

Who Are Eligible 

That is why I am telling you people that in the answers to the questions that are asked to you at the center, I am telling you that if you have performed Hajj like this. Umrah would have happened and in the same way, taking into account all the things that I have told you before, if you take them to mean that you have them, then you will be disqualified. If you do not have these things, then you Both men and women will be eligible. I am telling the method for both. and after that, as soon as you register at the center, you will also receive a survey message. There is no need to go to Google, which is the result of your survey, write 8171 there and the website will open, you can go to the top of it and see the result of your survey. There are many men who have taken the amount of Rs 25,000 in the same way and have qualified and there are many who are still not sure whether If the amount of Nazeer is received or not, then we are,What can you do for us? Our job is to tell you, to give information that you are giving to people. It is your responsibility to believe or not. Millions of people are taking money from it, so you can also take one more here. I have shown you the proof, there is a message of 32 thousand 500 rupees that you can receive your minimum, you belong to any province, if you do not know the center, then call the helpline number zero 826470 You will call again and you will receive a call and you can ask them about the details of the center and if you are ineligible, you can also ask the same helpline how much money you have received. You can ask the number, they will tell you, it is right to ask before taking the money, because then they will give you the full amount, they will not give less amount if you do not know how much money you have received, then believe it. You will do the whole work, they will take a cut, you will not even know.

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