BISP CNIC Holder get payment online in home | BISP online registration method change 2024

BISP CNIC Holder get payment online

I know that people are getting humiliated to get money, now I am going to give good news to all of them that now you don’t need to stand in line to get money, you can receive your money sitting at home. And the procedure of registration has been changed and after that there is a great news for those who got free Atta. There is good news for those who are verified and those who are ineligible, I will also tell you in this video and those who get this message that they have been registered and they are not eligible for this program, what should they do? 

Update About Nigheban Program 

There is no way you will be told if there is a nahban card or not nabhan card you just waste your time there and inside you are not told anything just you are told no nahban card. It’s gone, isn’t it? The program hasn’t even started. Why are you telling lies? So save me from such people and such programs that haven’t even started yet, that don’t even have a name or sign, so you people see things that There are real things, you people don’t see them, that’s why I feel sorry for you, so I request you to make videos for you on a daily basis, so you have watched these videos, they are short videos of seven or eight minutes. Let’s move on to the topic why there is no need to stand in lines to withdraw money now, the reason is that you will now be able to withdraw this money in your Easy Paisa Jeez Cash. 

Third Phase Payment Update 

It was going well, but because the Eid holidays came in between, even though the Eid holidays have passed, now there are three days, the Eid holidays have already passed, and from what year will the payment process start? Not only this includes the first and second phase people, not only their payment has been hindered, but the payment has not been started for those who are in the third neighborhood, so they are repeatedly messaging us that our They will provide the air to z details of when the payment will be made but let us tell you that three types of such people have been decided to be disbanded by the government and Benazir Income Support Tranam but their A condition has also been laid down for them if they fulfill this condition and follow the things prescribed by the government, they will be saved from disqualification and they will continue to receive payments. 

How To Withdraw From ATM 

You will also be able to withdraw from the ATM. This is the new update from Benazir Income Support Program which I am sharing with all of you friends. Whichever bank you have an account in, now you don’t need to provide any documents to open a bank account, nor do you need to provide proof of income that you used to go to the bank there before. They used to ask that if they have seen the proof of income, then those things will not be asked of them, easy account will be opened by people and along with that, the mobile application of the bank will be created now when the mobile application is created. What will be the benefit of this that as soon as the government transfers your payment of 10,000,000,000 to 40,000 rupees, you will not be deducted from your account. Time will be saved, the money will be sent to you sitting at home and then through this application, which means a bank application, you will be able to transfer your money to Easy Paisa legitimate cash account and nearby. Of any you means they will be able to withdraw money from the retailer or withdraw money from the ATM for free. 

Get Money By ATM

Get that money from ATM and many friends say that we don’t know how to operate ATM so that is also a very easy way, there is no difficult way to operate ATM and they also go there. That the ATM card will be given by the bank, they will enter the pin code, write the amount, and the amount will be withdrawn. That the procedure of registration for those who have it today has changed a lot, now such people who will go for new registration should bring their original ID card, children’s form and electricity and gas bills if they have them. It used to be that you had to give your own phone number, which is registered in BISP CNIC Holder get payment online name, now it is not necessary. You can give the number of anyone’s head there. If you do not give this mistake, then the code on your SIM will not be there, then you will not be LB. After that, those who received free flour if they take the survey are immediately eligible because they are deemed eligible, which means they are eligible for the program and should receive the money. Because that which is already ,Hatata and others have qualified in the program and the main thing is that the checkers who are the NIL people are getting qualified. About 97 to 98 percent of those people have qualified. 

How did they qualify?

According to the method they have registered and after that they are eligible and they are taking money who are already taking money they don’t watch the videos they don’t know the method their money is also stopped is being done and then they will see the videos and then they will also see the updates on a daily basis and after that it is written that the registration has been completed and you are not eligible, then if they do the survey again, many People have been helped by a lot of friends who are again, if they do the survey again, such women do the survey again, then they are immediately eligible because there are eight to 10 million people who have been there before. Those who are eligible are being removed from their eligibility and other people are being eligible because those who are already eligible do not conduct the survey, even if they do not conduct the survey, their money will be stopped. If they don’t see the update because they are updating the Benazir Income Support Program on daily basis and they want to get the free money but don’t want to see the update due to which their money is blocked then they will get the new update. will not even know, then how will they get the money? According to the new update, what is it? People who are not getting money already are being eligible, so this is a very good news for you peoples.

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