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BISP 938 Error Solution New UpdateBISP 938 Error Solution New Update

BISP 938 Error Solution New Update

After registering in the Benazir sponsorship program, if you are getting such a message on the 8171 web portal that you have registered in the dynamic registration, you are not eligible for the sponsorship program. What should women with status do now? Many women ask, what should we do now? We are eligible. Let me tell you that if you are getting this kind of status then what is the simple solution and also I have received a lot of comments with 938 code. It has been there for so long. It has been so many days. What should we do about it? Where can we get the code? I will tell you who has the key. Where are you from? What is the code of 938? If they can play, we are going to tell people.

938 Error Update 

First of all, we talk about the 938 code, where will it be opened, because the phase one has started and the phase two is complete. Phase 3 has already started and so many women are receiving their same and they say how is it credited to our account or two installments but we got a code of 938. Have you faced or where will the code open and how will it open? If you are getting the code of 938, then what is the simple solution, neither I have the key nor anyone else has the solution. that you have to go to the registration center where the compliance officer is sitting there the compliance center is also set up there you have to go and complain that sir we are facing the code of 938 and we are facing the error If it is, then they will tell you what the next step is, fill your data again. The key is there. The code of 938 from the headquarters will open it. For some reason, this code is set. Now you will know what mistake you made, what mistake you made that caused 938. What is the error you are facing, then the key is available in the headquarters, from there, they will submit the key to the headquarters, the headquarters will open it from here. This is the simple solution, apart from that, tap anywhere you want, the 938 code will not open, go to the devices, go to a retailer, go to anyone, then the 938 code will not expire.

BISP 938 Error Solution New Update
BISP 938 Error Solution New Update

How to solve

 So you simply have to go to the registration center and tell the people about this system, then from there they will refer you to the headquarters and then talk to the women who are facing the status. It says that you have entered dynamic registration, your status is not eligible for the program, 8171, if you check on the web portal, then what you have is this status is opened, nothing else is written above. If it says below, it means that you have been disqualified from the sponsorship program because the dynamic survey I told you earlier that in the buzzed fast survey everything would be updated immediately. Yes, everything is revealed openly and then you have to be qualified, then you are qualified, if you are not qualified, then you are disqualified, so those who are given this status are women who are ineligible. She will not be eligible now for this they repeatedly ask that what should we do now where should we go now tell us a solution for this then see there is no solution for this no one has any system. Money people make a lot of money that you give us money, give us four, give us five thousand, we will make you qualified, so see, don’t give money to anyone, you have been disqualified, you will not be qualified, this is the solution.

How To Decrease PMT score 

 You have to resurvey resurvey then PM score try your PMT score is more than 32 so you are nailed try PMT score less than 32 PMT. How to increase PMT score and how to decrease PMT score, then follow these steps to reduce your PMP score first, then go and do your survey again. Hey guys, the news is that after two years, you will be surveyed. If the survey is done once, then there is a time of two years. After two years, you can go and get your survey done again. Some women can do the survey as many times as they want, so they went for the survey after every 15 days, but still they got the same status that they have become disqualified, so there is no solution. Regarding this, do whatever you want.


 The sponsorship program disqualified you. Now you have to vet. After vetting, you have to lower your PMT score. Lower your PMT score.After that, you have to go and conduct a survey and what is in the survey, because this time many women have been taken out of the father program, so you have to try to judge them on their merit. You are entitled, you are entitled to receive any assistance, then you have to go and get the survey done, you have to check yourself whether you are entitled to it or not, if you are not entitled to it, still they have qualified you. If you want to do it, you have to do it yourself

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