Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
BISP 8171 Zero Payment Error UpdateBISP 8171 Zero Payment Error Update

BISP 8171 Zero Payment Error Update

If we have not done the dynamics survey yet. So will we get payment or not and then women who are worried about zero balance showing zero balance on devices 8171 portal should they do dynamic survey or not ? If they do one thing before the survey, then they can do the dynamic survey. If you have done it before or have done it, what will happen next because there are many women who are not getting their payments yet. I told you in the previous videos why the payments are not happening. Briefly, what is different is that people are telling you, do this, do that, you will get so much money, 25,000, 40,000, but this was such fake news, do not follow them, no matter how real and authentic. 

Who Done Their Dynamic Survey 

You will get the update on the same topic, so let me tell you first of all that the women who have not done their dynamics survey yet should collect their payment of 10500 rupees. After that, do the dynamic survey again because if you have already done it or want to do it before taking the kiss, then it can be dangerous for you because when your status is state, when you re-do it in the dynamics survey. If you get registered, you may have to write that your payment may be stopped or you may be canceled because if you do the survey again, your support will increase due to which you can be removed from this program, so the purpose of making my video was so that I can guide you and update you. Don’t do the dynamic survey. After receiving the payment, register yourself.

Who Will Get New Payment 

You will know whether you will get the payment or not. If you become poor, you will get the payment. And tell you that the problem of zero balance will also be solved soon for those who are showing zero balance, inshallah, as soon as the payment starts within their district, the payment will be made in their accounts. That show will start. The payment on the portal will also start. That’s why I am telling you that you should not take any tension. The payment has already started within the district. But they are receiving their payments because the retainers inside a campsite become a problem with some retailer’s devices. Slowly, as soon as the payment is complete in these districts, after that, the payments will be released in those districts in which the payment is still not being received.I can help you and give you the best information.

Important Update

The latest important news of that time is this. Finally, all the people who are already getting the payment of 10500 rupees were waiting, so it is not a problem for them. So happy they are receiving their payment but the biggest and most important problem is arising for those people whose payment of Rs. Also showing their balance is zero due to which they are not going to take payment now because the balance is traveling and when they check on 8171 portal it is also zero when on the payment center. If you go, then there is a balance journey there too, when will the payment be issued to all such persons, A to Z details will be given to you while there are many messages being sent regarding children’s allowances, are we getting the payment now? Along with this, the educational scholarships of the children whom we had enrolled and such children who were getting money before, their payment has been raced now, so let us tell you now with a new payment of Rs. 10500. The stipend is not available, while those whose previous stipend was not received, then they are getting it with this case, they can also receive it. Now there are a large number of people who have completed the survey but they Two things are being shown to them, one is the problem of checking the charges, will the payment of the examinees be paid or not, while on the second place, those who have done the new survey have regular benefits, they used to get money before. Will they also get money, then let me tell you clearly and clearly, that is, the regular beneficiaries, who also get money before, is there only one rent or no rent for now, then both of them will be paid. 

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